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People, come back!


Jealous!! I have neither cake… :broken_heart:


It’s actually a bit disappointing - not really brownie texture as advertised. So you’re not missing much :wink:


Ah, good to know! :slight_smile:

I don’t know where to ask. @milanfahrnholz: Do you have any ideas how to find other “actors”?

Well, with my voice I could speak every character in the game. :wink:

Oh, great. Now I got hungry. At midnight.

Don’t worry! I’ll share mine with you:


Mmmm, thanks! :yum:


Or just wait until january, or whenever the anniversary of you joining is.


And the best thing: @tasse-tee will then be the only one with a cake! :slight_smile:


Hey, it’s my cake-day too, today!


Yay! :balloon:

I’m not sharing my cake, you know. Discourse ain’t getting away with that.


I am sorry, I was really busy the last couple of months. But I looked over the “Hot topics” but rarely found my comments interesting enough to add them. So I mostly was thinking my responses and closing the browser again.


Don´t worry, we received those, too.


That’s why my name wasn’t mentioned in the first post. Aha, I see. :franklin:


Every answer counts! I’m sure your comments are interesting. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will try harder. :delores:



Hey, it’s my forumversary too.


Hi all.

I´m personaly still reading a lot over here. “A lot” for my given time. It´s sort of similar to what @Mario wrote.
But I´m no longer here daily. Sometimes it´s a week or even two between my visits.
Most times discussions already went very deep when I check the forum again, and I most times don´t have the time to dive in that deep. Or it´s like two or 3 people are discussing something very intensivly and you think al you could contribute is already said. Or already way more than that.

Not only since @Ema s Post I feel sort of bad because I didn´t post that long. I still love TWP, was part of the development Blog and forum since the beginning. it was a daily visit for more than 2 years.

While I appriciate all efforts and ongoing threads, I´m most interested in thimbleweed stuff and stuff about the old lucas games, which can´t be discussed forever. I like to discuss other new adventures and follow the fan made things like the italian translation with joy.
That´s one reason why I didn´t contribute that much to other threads. And because sometimes you can be sort of discouraged about how deep some threads already go and how much time and effort others already invested in that or thinking about it.

But in my live, at this point, I don´t have really much free time. This is because of my personal situation, my work and because of ongoing projects for my “heart” - my daughter. But she still isn´t old enough to show all of this here to her.

So whlie I would love to contribute more and have much more time to dive into the different threads, I need to be honest and admit I can´t without letting the (sorry) for me more important things down.

But since I really like this community and it´s members very much and really hope it whil last for much longer, I´m torn between what I would like to do and what I really can. I feel like I´m still a part of it because of reading still over here, but the longer I don´t contribute, the more I loose that feeling.

I hope I´m through the most of my actual stuff in the middle of the year and can be back more of the things I just like to do.

Btw, I´m from Germany too :slight_smile:

Greetings Tim


This is a general suggestion/recommendation to all: Don’t hesitate and post your comment, even if a discussion is going on. Every comment is interesting! Don’t fear that you interrupt a discussion (if two memebers would like to discuss something in private they will do that via PM). And don’t have the fear for long discussions. In most cases the posts are very short - and some of them are off-topic. :wink: If you read an interesting post where you like something to add, just do it!


Agreed! :smiley:


Neither do I :laughing: if a discussion has gone “too far”, I just read the last 5 to 10 posts and reply anyway.

That would be like meeting friends in a public place, but they already began talking without you, so you stay silent the whole time because you couldn’t hear all that has being said.

I know that here everything stays written and you’re somehow expected to read all, but if I were to do that, I’d never post.




Except for :arrow_up: that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: