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People, come back!




I have visited these forums quite rarely over the last weeks because I have been distracted too much by my job and some other circumstances. I tended to read posts here, rather than writing comments. I’m still interested in all of this, so I’m still there.


I was on a vacation…


Cool, where did you visit? You could post about it in the travel thread :smiley:


I drop in from time to time to check if there is any news on a new Ron game or any other potentially interesting new games…


Hallo (or geia sou atm).
Hah, i wanted to write lots of stuff, but most of my thoughts were already written down. Thanks for helping me (:
I do not read here often because i have the bad habbit of wanting to solve every puzzle and thus reading every post and comment. I already have a job. Following the blog was way easier.
Also i forgot to save my forum login to the phone. Maybe i come here more often (after completing 100%). No promises.
Akropolis adieu?


p.s. I miss you <3


Haha! Hi Longuist! :grinning:

Hmmm… are you originally from Greece?



(A woman from France singing about Greece in German!)


Hi Longuist, long tuist no see! :slight_smile:


And about possibly never coming back. ^^


No, just holiday, revisiting places i have been as a child 30 years ago. Yes, i know there is a thread about that :stuck_out_tongue:


I have about 450 messages to read in the language thread (I’d need to answer #258, but need to check the rest first). And about a gazzillion in other threads. I’ll be back after filing everything.


Anyway, welcome back! :grin:


This way you take the risk of never coming back! Forget it and just join the club! :sunglasses:


Gobble-gobble one of us, one of us!


From now on, I’ll have more spare time again, so I’m finally back now.

Though, it feels to me as if the topics here had become less related to adventure games. Maybe this is one reason for the loss of people here. These forums are primarily made for nostalgic adventure game fans. I’m sure that most of us would really like to know what Ron and Gary are going to create next. I remember that we already discussed about this question once these forums had been launched. I just think we need “fresh” adventure-related stuff to discuss. Unfortunately, there are so few point-and-click game releases announced. Or, am I mistaken?


Yeah, I love adventure games. But I love a lot of other things. I know this forum is for adventure gamers, but -since as you say a new adventure doesn’t come out everyday- I think about also other things. I’ve found new friends here, if we had to talk only about games, we wouldn’t talk at all :smile:


I agree with you: In the last month there weren’t any new “big” adventures games. The only one I’m really interested in is/was “Unforseen Incidents” (I think I’ll play it next).

But there are several new threads about adventure games. And I would love to see more of them. If you have ideas for new threads, create them! :slight_smile:

I second this! :slight_smile:


Non-games-related discussions are absolutely fine, but the question is: How do these discussions appear to occasional visitors, who don’t have made friends here yet, if the topics hardly center on point-and-click games?
No harm meant. We already have discussed so much about games. And, as I mentioned already, it’s currently a period that lacks adventure game news, I think.

Me too, by the way.