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Petition: Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert


Well, I´m pretty much positive that at least one of them might be a cannibal, so that might be a start. :man_shrugging:


I am sure Steven Spielberg is a fan…
Perhaps he could buy the IP with serious money, donate it to Ron for free/peanuts with the promise there will be a MI3a and Spielberg gets a license to make a movie/TV series that will earn back his earlier investment and then some.
Then Ron uses the money he gets on that licensing and merchandising (which of course would stay his exclusively) to build MI theme parks across the world - but the first one in Seattle, followed by all other locations you visit in Zak. David Fox will design some VR based attractions for the parks and the rest of the Nine Old Men (Winnick, Ferrari, Purcell, Macklin,…) produce art/comics/cartoons.
In 60 years or so, the Grumpy Gamer Corporation settles its legal dispute with Disney over the use of the word/name “Grumpy” by acquiring the latter company.

(Yeah, I know…)


These plans seem all a bit complicated. How about approaching Disney for a remake of MI3, then making MI3a instead and blaming the result on incompetence. Kind of what EA is doing with Star Wars.


Ron could just do the MI3a, and present the final product to Disney. He could say “I’d like to be paid $100K for this, but you could sell it for $1M.”


Ron has answered that before:


Hoping Disney don’t answer: “You used not-yours-anymore characters to make this game, we sue you.”


If it’s not released, it’s just a desk drawer fan game.


How about someone starts a petition for Ron to build a new game?

No monkeys. No islands. No Disney. Just pixels… lots and lots of pixels.

If it’s a game that has Ron’s humor and clever puzzle design, I really don’t need Guybrush. Something fresh and new sounds better.



Hmmm… Thimbleweed Park?


Krap Dee Welbmiht 2a


It always saddens me to see the pessimism regarding all of this… from everyone including Ron.

Guybrush wouldn’t stand for it…


2014 called and said that´s a good idea!


I believe, Ron already has part of new Monkey Island written down, at least quick ideas and game design links. Why he would sit and watch TV if he can build something exciting. :no_mouth:


:point_up: I can really understand him, why he posts way less frequently on here than he used to.


I’ve said this before… it’s not pessimism, it’s being realistic. I don’t spend my days bemoaning not being able to make a MI3a. I’ve moved on, but still keep my eyes and ears open and if the opportunity arises, I will certainly jump on it.


No petition needed. I’ve been working on my new game for over 6 months. After TWP and the Kickstarter, I’m enjoying being about to work on this new game with some “privacy”.

It’s not a adventure games, it more of an odd take on a RPG.

The reason I don’t post on here more is that… I’m busy working!


Oh good, now that will finally put an end to these endless discuss-hahaha…I couldn´t even finish that…

As are many of our coolest former regulars. They are busy with collaborative writing projects on their blogs and other cool stuff…


Yeah, and this weird thing called “work”.


That too…


So exciting. Looking forward.