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Petition: Disney, please sell the rights to 'Monkey Island' back to its creator Ron Gilbert



Phuck*, you´re right!

*My mind refuses to bleep made up words.


Programming, obviously!


Oh that infamous P word you can´t say on american TV…oh wait, I think that´s actually true! :joy:


The other day Nushi hit me in the penis with her tail. And her tail really hits you hard no matter where.

I think Americans tend to call it a “Wiener”.


Just crossed my mind:
James Cameron’s movie Terminator 2 was released in 1991.
The same year Ron Gilbert’s game LeChuck’s Revenge: Monkey Island 2 was released.

Cameron hasn’t been part of the three subsequent Terminator movies.
Gilbert hasn’t been part of the three subsequent Monkey Island games.

Now, after 5 Terminator movie titles, Cameron is making a Terminator “3a” movie.
There are 5 Monkey Island titles, so it would be fitting to get the Monkey Island 3a from Ron Gilbert.

Let’s hope this similarity continues :sunglasses:


Wow! That’s a lot of similarities.

@Dany82 Maybe your next crossover fan-game can be called “M2 – LeChuck’s Judgement Day”? :smiley:


Yeah, I remember the part when Christian Bale yelled at a set designer for half an hour in Escape from Monkey Island… :upside_down_face: