Physical Copies of RtMI!

I hope they announce Zak McKracken soon


They seem to have added the wrong screenshots for the NES edition.

LRG wanted to make it look better I guess by including the PC screenshots instead.

I am still doubting whether I’ll keep my Lucasfilm games boxed collection complete by getting the RTMI one or not…
And the Maniac Mansion one is kinda cool (I don’t have the bulletin board poster in my second hand copy)…
But what I really want is a two-headed squirrel plushie! And crystals in three colors!


Everyone would like to have them! And Someone too!

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Ouch. But I pulled the trigger.

Is there any advantage to pre-ordering the game instead of just buying it when it comes out?

They won’t be selling after March 5th as far as I know. Otherwise I’d wait. Paying this amount of money 9 months prior is borderline dumb but I’m a die hard Monkey Island fan.

No pre-order, no game(box). Or on 2nd hand market at even higher extortion prices.

I see… Here is the bit that confused me:

This release is not a part of the Limited Run Games Collection and is not a numbered release. We are distributing this title on behalf of Devolver Digital. Missing out on this release will not compromise a complete Limited Run set.

Yeah, LRG has this weird thing of numbering some of their releases to appeal to the OCD of the completionist collector.
Still, it is unlikely they will do a reprint for this game.

It is our policy that numbered Limited Run Games will never be reprinted, though we may order extra quantities to be sold at conventions, events, and through retailers. Part of the reason why so many developers choose to work with Limited Run Games is our favorable terms. After our sale, all rights revert back to the developer in which case they are free to do another physical print with other publishers.

Our no reprint policy does not apply to distributed (non numbered) titles, so be sure to check back on our site for restocks.

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Obviously, their previous releases of MI games have been very careful, too. I am sure that they intentionally keep the possibility of a re-release at a later date open. There might not be many 30 years old game series that still have such a popularity.

Yes, at least over the next few years it is unlikely indeed, I guess.

It’s a long shot, but did anyone else buy the Monkey Anthology from LRG? Apparently they send a discount code via email, but as I changed mail addresses since then I missed it.

Contact me with a DM if you want to help me out (I can show proof of purchase there)

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Look what I found in the comments here


Oh, good to know I have to look out for those in the future (mail subject started with “coupon inside”). Although this one came much too late: I found an email from 28th of February, one week before the sale was closed (and one month after I ordered it).

Hey, I thought Discourse caches and keeps images, was I mistaken?
For the history books:

I guess the cache simply expires after a while if unused?

I was probably wrong, the other images above also seem to be just directly linked.
Does this mean I should upload every image from now on to have it archived? Hmm…