[Poll] Return to Monkey Island images: do you like the art style?

You should tag them. :wink:

Nah… I don’t want to distract them from making the game.


Maybe if we all tag them and remind them not to get distracted, then they will finish the game faster


Yeah, I’ve seen his material! I didn’t mean “fans” in a demeaning way; I meant that it wasn’t an official Lucasfilm/Lucasarts effort.

EDIT: But while I knew LogicDeluxe was a major force on that project, I didn’t realize he was virtually the only force. Very cool! The things he did gave new lifecto those games, and I’m considering repurchasing the Special Editions through GOG to experience his talkies myself (I bought the special editions on PS3 and thus can’t get the talkie edition currently. No 2000 pieces of eight sale for me yet.)

Sure, I wasn’t saying that :blush:
I just wanted to give him his right tribute, since he’s an active forum user and a friend here

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That’s not true. I don’t remember how vocal I was at the time at forums because, seriously, new MI, what the hell, I was happy and excited about that. It was more important. But the moment I saw the graphics I thought it was painful to look at and the screenshots just confirmed that later. I remember other people commenting on the Flash look already at the time.

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For me, something different has happened: after the screenshots were published, I matured a more positive take of the style of the video trailer. As crazy it may sound, I perceive two quite different styles and I like the style of the video more.

Not that crazy because that’s what I felt too. That’s a style that makes sense when in movement, in my opinion.

Same here. I liked the art style of the teaser, but (before the screenshots had come out) a friend wrote to me it looked like an old flash game (games which I didn’t know existed :slight_smile: ).

I have this “problem” where I read such statements (as well as for example “looks like Windows 98”) as a compliment. :wink:

Because Secret is the game with the most “realistic” art, and Revenge is cartoonier but still “almost realistic”, I’m think I’m going to put myself in the mindframe that Guybrush and this world have gradually been descending deeper into fantasy over the course of these six games.

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Yeah some people are crazy.

We’ve gone full circle here:

MI1 : 2D
MI2 : 2D
CMI : 2D
EMI : 3D
TMI : 3D
RMI : 2D

It’s the first 2D Monkey Island game in 25 years. So unless you really want to go back to 3D don’t complain!

Also the artwork in CMI leaves much to be desired. Not so much the Bill Tiller backgrounds which are great, but the animation and the hard black outlines on the characters and sprites.

GF made good use of 3D, but Escape was not able to re-capture that magic at all.


Actually Bill Tiller said he would like to remake CoMI with high resolution backgrounds and 3D characters.

Do you have a link to this?

If Tiller said he would remake it with 3D characters he’s crazy. Any remake/remaster should seek to keep the original look of the game and simply improve the quality similar to Grim Fandango remastered (this goes also for the music which could be upgraded to CD quality and the cut-scenes too of course not just the artwork/animation).



Those are two very different concepts, though.

A remaster takes the same material to improve it without diverting too much from the original production. On the other hand, a remake is in my opinion more similar to what happens in theater: the story of a musical is always the same, but every time a new production takes it on the stage, a lot can change.

Within the theater circles, nobody would say… “Yeah, it was good, but it was too different from the original production”, because adhering as much as possible to an original production is not considered a very original way of producing a theatrical work.


Seeing things in motion in the new trailer, I think I’d have given a 5, no questions asked.

Perhaps I’ll revise my opinion again, when the actual actual gameplay turns out to be less cinematic, but here and now I’m loving the art style!


For now I will not change my “3” but, like you, I want to wait for the actual game because the pace of how things will actually move might play a role for me. :slight_smile:

I still see the art style as a barrier to enjoying the game, but I like literally everything else so far. It’s a barrier that won’t keep me away from it.