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Random Anecdotes


I agree with you except the “way back” :stuck_out_tongue: if something just happened and I thought it was funny, I’d share it.

But still, most of the things that happen to me nowadays have my kids involved for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:


Our definitions of what an anecdote is seem to differ. To me that´s not “funny thing that happened to me yesterday” but more “stuff that came up again and again in my memory over the years to the point it´s probably distorted already” :upside_down_face:


I’m with @Guga: An anecdote is something (funny) that happened to/with me - either yesterday or many years in the past.

I would call this:

(funny) “memories”. :slight_smile:


Great, the more people I disagree with the more right I am.

That´s how it works, right? :smirk:

Now get of my thread, everyone!



Alright I´ve got an anecdote for you guys. It starts with me talking to you and ends with me making a humble suggestion:


:laughing: That’s a great answer!

Good movie, Gran Torino!


Same applies as to the majority of my posts:


in the Oxford Kids Dictionary™, this translates to:
“Don’t break the balls, daddy!”


I agree with this definition, too.


I wish I could close this thread. :smirk:


Instead if Random Anecdotes, maybe you should have called the thread Retro Anecdotes.

@Guga Kids can be so funny, the way they say what’s on their mind can be hilarious. And given that the topic started with an anecdote involving a kid, just keep that stuff coming.

Those are free to not read the anecdotes. No harm done.


Hey @guga how about this for a thread title? :laughing:


:open_book: The Raven

Ten years ago my parents finally fulfilled their dream of having a single house with garden and all. It was a nice neighborhood, very very quiet. In fact, we didn’t even get to know the neighbors for a while.

For this reason it was to our surprise that we learned that the neighbors had either a parrot, a raven or whatever kind of bird that can imitate speech, and it was because we began hearing a voice saying “Daaad!” in the usual tone I had when calling my dad. Pretty funny. And since it was imitating me, it tended to answer whenever I said “dad”. Not always, but often, and when it did, it made me giggle.

So, one day I yelled “daaad!” and to my amusement, it answered. So I said it again, and it answered again. And again. And again. Then I heard my father say “Guga, is that you?”, and I said “yes, I’m just playing with the neighbor’s raven”, and he said “no, I was playing with the neighbor’s raven”.

It turned out we have been both answering each other for like five minutes, no ravens involved.


That´s great! :joy:

However, do you actually say “daaaaad” (which I can imagine a bird cry sound like) or “papa” or something in italian?

I mean I can imagine what animal noises sound like in italian…



Actually, I was wrong. It was (and we were) yelling “maaaa”, not “paaa”, because I used to call my mom, not my dad, way more often. But the rest of the story remains the same :stuck_out_tongue: