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Or not. Never mind.

Wait, you didn´t say that I stole them?

And I certainly wouldn´t need all of them. I…no wait! Damnit!


Tee hee! Look at the lil… look at 'im go :rofl:

Well they were stolen on your property. And you did not inform me in advance of this arrangement – a heads-up would’ve been nice.

Just the, er… :laughing:


Well excuuuuuuuuuse me.

Crap, I just know the mental images you have now, how can I suck them out of your brain?


I’m waiting to see what @Someone’s writing first.


You can get problems with your circulatory/blood pressure (that isn’t very funny in the water). So, unfortunately this isn’t an entire urban myth. In fact you shouldn’t go into the water immediately after eating such things:

But you don’t have to wait three hours. If and how long you should wait depends on the food you eat before.


I hope you are not disappointed too much… :wink:


Worth it, huh? :man_shrugging:


‘suck brain’ returns a disappointing choice of images.


Me while Milan and the rubber chicken are discussing very important things:


I got a few, but no gifs, so you´d have to know the context.


Ah, memories…


Ah yeah, there we go :smile:


Underwear is very important!



:musical_note: I could hide out under there
I just made you say ‘underwear’ :musical_note:


Ok… I have had a precise theory about that.
During med school I came to conclusion that congestion was a hoax.
You won’t find it on any textbook, and with my knowledge I got immediately after the Physiology test, I decided I didn’t believe that this congestion thing had any scientific basis.
Anyway, ALL the doctors I know deeply believe in it.
I think most of them simply don’t think or don’t read.
The others, simply DENY the non-existence of it to avoid to be sued. You never know :smile:

Anyway, you can find an article about this on the italian page of the International Academy of Rescue and Resuscitation. URL in italian


They have tested it in a documentary in the German television. If you have eaten too much and get back to the water, you will have problems. Try it yourself.(*)

(*) Don’t do this at home.


Well, when I eat too much I have problems even if I don’t touch any water! :grinning:


Well, of course if you eat a lot and then move or get too cold you might have “problems”.

The problem with the Italian congestion is that it was believed to be a real killer. Not just nausea or vomit or whatever. It could kill you, just because you stopped digesting.

I mean, my wife is pretty sensitive to cold after eating, she has to keep herself warm otherwise she has problems digesting, so I suppose it makes sense for her not to jump in the sea right after lunch, but that’s it. But as children we were all taught that you couldn’t go in water, no matter how slowly you did, no matter how full you felt, because “if digestion stops you’ll die”. And they meant it, it was not the usual lie you tell children in order for them to behave :stuck_out_tongue:


:open_book: The printer check

This just happened.
I had to make an extension to our software so that it checks if the printer is ready and has enough paper (if the printer supports such checks) before the usual checks the software already performs. Nothing difficult: just make the same calls, but on a previous spot.

The QA tester calls me and says that my development doesn’t seem to work, and she can’t understand why. It works for the ready check, but not for the near paper end. It must be said that she needed a couple of hours to find a printer that actually supports said checks, and to fabricate an almost empty bill paper roll because we only had new rolls.

I go to her desk and she shows me the printer, which is a serial printer because, as the customers told us, they don’t and won’t use a network printer: if she puts her almost empty roll, everything is fine, the printer prints even if the bill is too long, then the paper is over and it doesn’t print anymore. But this time, instead of saying “no paper”, it just says “printer not ready”. There are even two LEDs on the printer, labeled “state” and “paper”, and both are red. So we suppose the sensor works, the bug must be in the driver.

We begin to look into the printer driver code, see which bytes it sends to the serial port, look into the printer documentation, we can’t find anything strange. Then we see on the documentation index the string “positioning the near-end sensor”. We figure it could be helpful.

The pictures, however, are all but clear. So here we are, studying the innards of a printer, trying to understand where the hell is the sensor and why it doesn’t look like the diagram, when we see a piece of adhesive tape. I open the network printer of the same model and see that the tape isn’t there.

“Is it broken?” we ask ourselves, so she turns to a colleague and asks if he knows anything about those printers. He does. She asks, “is this one broken?”
- “No, why?”
- “Why is there adhesive tape here?”
- “Oh, that’s because without it the printer complains if the paper is almost over, and it’s annoying


That is just… :neutral_face:

You’ve reminded me of another story from when I did IT support ‘on the side’ at my last job. I will write it later.