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Today there was a fire alarm at the neighboring office. We all had to go outside as well. There was no actual fire (afaik) but we got free ice cream.


You know it is an advanced country when they give free ice creams in the case of false fire alarms…


It´s not that unusual but more with power outages. The funny thing is when there is a longer power outage you get to find out who actually has ice cream in their stores (an optician, really?)


Amazon France coaxed me into buying 4 CDs by offering them to me at decent prices. Two arrived with cracked cases.

I told them they should pack their stuff better and asked whether I could still return the CDs after opening them. They responded by sending replacements for the two.

Today they arrived. One was broken.

The Amazon successful CD shipping rate is apparently 50%…

Perhaps they’d send me yet another replacement, but I’ll just give 'em a listen to make sure the CDs are alright. I can construct an uncracked case out of the intact front of one and the intact back of another…


Out of focus ice cream, pistachio at the bottom, lemon at the top, with the firetruck in the background. (I could barely see my screen in the sun.)


That looks like the weirdest first person shooter.


My coworker got the secondary nuts action on hers. It disables enemies with a nut allergy.


Alternative hypothesis: someone at the Amazon warehouse dropped the box with all the Michael Jackson Bad CDs and they’re pretending it’s all happening during shipping.


I approve of your choice :icecream:


Or 1987 called and wants its CDs back.


This is the 1987 fan forum, where we play Maniac Mansion while blasting Michael Jackson and Madonna from the boombox. If we were emo it’d be Depeche Mode.

The worst song of the album just came on: Smooth Criminal.

I could also toss in my Master of Puppets CD (technically '86 but who’s counting), but my wife doesn’t like Metallica.


This and many others from that album also appear in Moonwalker (the film and the sega game).

Yeah Metallica, Maiden, Priest, Ozzy, AC/DC etc all skipped 1987 album release wise…

But 1987 wasn´t too shabby either.



As long as you don´t have a hairspray allergy, that is.


I quite like Bowie’s '87 album.

Anyway, Bad played back fine. Now on to Dangerous.

I only ordered two Michael Jackson CDs, but they were both damaged.


:open_book: The keyboard

So yeah, in my last job I worked for a teeny company (around 25 people) and as such ended up doing a lot of IT support alongside my digital/editor role.

One day Caroline from the sales team called me to say her keyboard was broken and she needed a replacement. I quizzed her a bit, but she said it had “simply just stopped working!”

I wasn’t a big fan of this Caroline as she had a habit of breaking stuff. At this moment I was still reeling from when she catastrophically crashed her Mac by trying to delete 35,000 sent items in one go. That was a fun day.

So I reluctantly trudged my way up to the third floor. I fiddled with the cables to make sure they hadn’t come loose (IT 101), tried a different port and so on. But none of the keys responded.

“Yes, I don’t know why but it’s just conked out!” exclaimed a dismayed Caroline.

Okay, fine. I unplugged it and said I’d get her another one from the cupboard.

On the way down in the lift, just as I was hypothesising what she might’ve done to it (dropped it, punched it, tried to eat it), I heard a trickling noise. Frowning down at the keyboard under my arm I noticed quite a large amount of coffee streaming from the keys.

Seriously, that woman was an IT nightmare.


Reminds me of the housemate I had that burned everything.

One time after making some casserole dish (she liked everything as casserole dishes, with a “nice and crispy” top…) I asked what the weird white stuff on the oven plate was. She didn’t know.

It was burned in plastic from one of the bags she’d used. I can only hope she was too embarrassed and didn’t truly not notice. >_>


The keyboard I’m using at home (old beyond memory, with a PS/2 connector) has survived being filled with water once. Likely because the PC was off when it happened (open window, nobody home, rain) and I did open it afterwards and leave it to dry for a day or two. That happened when I was still a student, likely more than 15 years ago. It’s the oldest piece of hardware connected to my PC, after I had to let go my Pioneer slot-in DVD drive (IDE to SATA converter costs more than a brand-new DVD writer).


That’s the key thing. Most people are too quick to try and turn things back on when they get wet, then fry the components.


Depending on what part of the keyboard short circuits it doesn’t really matter anyway, at least for a short while, because it’ll just be a bunch of keypresses.

If you fry the controller that’s a different story. :wink:


No, the weirdest first person shooter is this:


A keyboard won’t survive cola. I know this … because of a friend. Yes.