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Come on, we all made weird Wolf3D mods like that even if we’d never heard of this bizzarre American game. :stuck_out_tongue:


I´ve seen the AVGN christmas episode, so of course I know this. The funny thing is that this was an actualy Nintendo cartridge with one difference. I think it was blue instead of grey.


When I was 17 I burned my kitchen. So… I suppose it’s time for another anecdote.

:open_book:The time I killed a bunch of Gugas from parallel universes
I was warming up some oil to fry and went to the bathroom. After doing my business… I had completely forgotten I was cooking, and went to my room to read. After a while I got hungry again, so I put down my book and looked in the corridor, which was blinking with a red light from the kitchen. Then it hit me. I ran to the stove to see the pan was on fire, a pretty big fire too. I panicked.

And you know what was the first thing I did? Of course, get a bucket of water. I was ready to splash it, when I stopped and thought “wait, is water the best thing to extinguish an oil fire?”. I took just a little handful of water and threw it in the fire, which of course tripled in size. If I didn’t stop and think, I would have surely died.

So I stayed there like a crazy Sim when he cooks for the first time and you forgot to buy the fire alarm, bucket in my hand, not knowing what to do. The pan was also now too hot to be brought outside, so I just… watched. Hoping the fire wouldn’t get to other parts of the room.

After a while, the exhaust hood fell down on the cooktop. Which was exactly what I needed, but I didn’t know - just cover the fire. In less than a minute the pan, now under the hood filters, stopped burning. I was in shock for the rest of the day.


:open_book: The godly customer

Happened today in a shop. Two clerks at the counter. One serving one customer, the other one serving me. Another customer waiting in line behind me.
I’ve done, so I say goodbye to the clerk and turn back, facing the next customer and walking towards the door. I hear the clerk behind my back addressing the next customer: “may I help you, sir?” The guy points to the other clerck and says: “Sto aspettando il signore”.

That means “I’m waiting for the gentleman here”, but also “I’m waiting for the Lord!”

So, with my shopping bag in my hand, passing in front of him going towards the exit, I found nothing better than greeting him with an “Amen, brother!”.

I think he didn’t get it.


For some reason, my youngest daughter thinks that the “I’m watching you” gesture

means “I love you”. So she sometimes does it to me or her sister or her mother and instead of being sweet and cute, looks pretty menacing.


:open_book: Those creepy kids (pt.1)

It was around two years ago, I don’t remember exactly. It was late, and my wife was preparing Ilaria for bed time. We always had the same routine, which ended with Ilaria standing on the changing table while I or my wife helped her put on the pijamas. The rest of the house was all dark and silent, a measure we adopted since she was born to help her distinguish day and night (very useful for letting her sleep the whole night from a very young age - take notes, @Ema :wink:).

So, everything was dark and silent except for the bathroom. And I wasn’t home. This is what my wife told me. Ilaria began watching behind my wife’s back, eyes on the void, and then began whispering “shoo… go away! We don’t want you, leave us alone”.
My wife, obviously creeped by this behavior, asked “Ilaria, whom are you talking to?”

To the boy”.

A couple of seconds later, after my wife took the courage to ask “which boy?”, Ilaria pointed behind my wife’s back.

Well, it turned out Ilaria was talking to a picture of a baby that was on a box of cotton ear swabs on the bathroom’s furniture.


:open_book: Those creepy kids (pt.2)

So, while I was searching on my mail and chat history for details of the previous story, I stumbled upon this related sentence.

Yesterday Alice (she was exactly 2.5yo at the time) told me she was scared of ghosts. I wondered from where she heard about them, so I asked, knowing in advance that I would regret the wording, “where did you see them”. She answered, “here at home, on my bed”. She added that they were “walking and stealing my pacifier and my teddy bear”.





I am an extremely rational and skeptical person but damn do these kids say creepy things sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: Ilaria is obsessed with death lately, so it happens that she’s playing or watching TV or whatever and then she randomly becomes sad and whines “I’m gonna miss you so much when you die”. Thanks dear, I hope you’re not plotting to accelerate the process… :metal::hot_pepper:


Would you maybe turn the above story (:point_up:) into a movie @RealGDT?

Damnit, he´s not registered on the forum, was worth a try…


Haha :smile: that sounds healthy though, in a way.

Talking of creepy behaviour, sometimes our cats stare at things that aren’t there, sometimes even meowing. That freaks me out no end.


My mum once told me that she clearly remembered the day I grasped the concept of death and she told me how sad I was when I realised all the consequences. I don´t really remember that must have been really early like maybe at 4 or 5 years or so.



It usually happens around 5 years old, in that age where the kid asks a ton of questions.
Reactions vary in a wide range: as per my experience, I can tell you that I’ve seen:

  • sadness for the whole day
  • sadness followed by the question: “I must die, too?”
  • apparent indifference (apparent because the kid is thinking deep, instead)
  • laughing out loud (a sort of defense from too much strong uncontrollable emotions)

In general, it’s a feeling very strong, impossible not to notice by a parent or an educator.
That’s the reason because your mother remebers it well.


Yeah, must have been a mix of the first two for me.


:open_book: Eight!

My daughter has always been into written things. By the time she turned 2, she could already recognize all the (uppercase block) letters and began noticing numbers. However, she had a hard time remembering their names: almost every number she saw, she called it “otto”, that is, eight.

So one time we were on vacation in Germany, in a family hotel. We were going to the swimming pool, we took the elevator and waited. In the middle of the descent, a German family (father, mother and kid around 6yo) entered the elevator too.

The kid was wearing a shirt with a 56 written in front. Ilaria saw the numbers, smiled, pointed at them and said: “Otto!”
“No, I am Dario!” answered the kid.


Surprisingly italian name for a german kid. What a coinkidink!


Still better than the name of this other kid.

:open_book: Go ask his name
Our daughter was still struggling with the German/Swiss-German language. She often chose not to communicate, because she was frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t express all the things she wanted and was able to say in Italian. So she usually played alone or took part in physical games instead of role games. She gradually become more confident and began “speaking” more, but she still needed our encouragement.
One day she was playing with this boy and after a while she came to our bench, I don’t remember why, probably she was thirsty.
“So, you’re playing with that kid?”
“What’s his name?”
“I don’t know”
So I push her to test her German skills: “why don’t you go and ask?”, as “wie heisst du?” was basically the only sentence she could remember.
She goes, speaks with the kid, and then turns to us smiling and shouts:
“His name’s What!”


If this question isn’t too private/personal: Which languages do you teach your daughters? At home you are speaking only Italian?


:open_book: My Frank Zappa Shot

We were on holiday on the island of Menorca. I was 5 years old at the time and we had rented a car to drive around.

When we were deeper into the mostly sandy countryside with absolutly nothing around I suddenly had to go for number 2, like really really bad.

But there was nothing around for miles and we had no idea where to stop.

So we stopped the car at a deserted junkyard that was sorrounded by stone walls high enough to not see much behind. My dad disappeared behind one of these walls and we wondered what he was looking for.

Suddenly he emerged again carrying a discared toilet bowl! He put it on the ground near the road and I sat down on it and did my business.

He snapped a photo while I sat on it, that I hadn´t seen for decades until last year. Unfortunatly there is a lot of lense flare due to the sun and it is slightly out of focus, so it doesn´t look as look as I rembembered it. Anway I thought I´d rather share the story than the image, anyway.