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Ransome has dizziness too?

My brother says that, in part 3, Ransome said he has dizziness and don’t climb the radio antenna.
Now, in part 6, Ransome climbs the radio antenna.

Is that true? As far as I remember, Ransome is the only character who can climb the radio antenna, anytime.

Is there a particular action that makes Ransome able to climb the radio antenna?

Good question. AFAIR I could climb up with Ransome at any time.

I tried it with an early savegame (after acquiring the map and leaving town), I got Ransome and he climbed the ladder without complaining. Well, with complaining, but without any other issues.

When you push the lever up there he goes down and then won’t climb the ladder until Cassie was there and is gone again (“I don’t want to meet ol’ Crazy Cassie on the ladder.”).

Also later after solving this particular puzzle you can still climb the ladder.

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Thank you, Nor Treblig.
I will pull my brother’s ears.



Isn´t that the same person that wrongly suggested you couldn´t make Reyes leave the hotel even though you finished Franklin´s list? I´d stop trusting that person if I were you…

There is so many smilies in that list I´m dying to use but the opportunity never seems to come up.

:dragon_face: :nail_care: :shrimp: :pretzel: :bowling: :joystick: :mahjong: :shinto_shrine: :statue_of_liberty: :falkland_islands: :3rd_place_medal: :crossed_swords: :moyai:

Yes, he’s my only brother.
May the patience be with me.

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I love it when dragons do their nails while eating shrimp and pretzels then go bowling for joy at a Japanese pagoda: Freedom for the Falklands is third to crossed swords in Easter Island.

Sounds like the name of a very meta PnC adventure game.

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