Secret messages by the developers in some backer boxes!

Does your backer box contain a secret message? :smiley:

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Maybe it says: Buy Scurvy Scallywags! ?

Mine doesn’t have a secret message… I guess I’m not random enough. :frowning:

Well, there is a problem: From what I can see on the Twtter photo, Ron and Gary had only the printed sheets. These colored sheets are glued on a white cardbox. So if Ron and Gary haven’t written on the white cardbox, we will never see their messages (until you detach the colored sheet from the white cardbox and thus destroy the whole box).

Wouldn´t it be great if the secret message would be “Hey, why did you do that?!”


The reason why they adopted this insane level of secrecy is that the message reveals the Secret of Monkey Island.


And every of those only reveals part of the message, which means it needs the collaborative effort (and the dedication to destory the boxes) of everyone who got a box to solve the puzzle. Which will result in collective relief, and anger for all those who destroyed their boxes in vain.


We are smarter than that. They are written on the party that will show. :slight_smile:


What a disappointment. The scenario depicted by @milanfahrnholz would have been a deep global cathartic experience.


But you were aware that the sheets are cut (I hope they used a laser cutter - yay!) before they were glued? :wink:

Did the developers insert five golden ticket in five boxes, too?
Does the owner of the ticket win a travel to the USA?

Dramatic turn of events! They did not were aware of it!


They will win a trip to Skywalker Ranch, where they will partake in a live dogchase (because they won´t have a permission to trespass)!

I hope with a visit of the chocolate factory!

You forgot the drum roll.

/edit: Ah, ok, you found one. :wink:

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They had no intention to add the secret messages but one afternoon Ron said:

“Do you know what? We should help eBay collectors to make even more money.”


Maybe it’s a cry for help like: “Ray S. Kickstarter jailed us for three years in these sewers and forced us to work on this silly game. Phone Greenpeace!”

(Well, with this in mind and if I think about it, several other things in TWP are now making much more sense…)

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Had Ron red slime in one of his games?

It would explain his grumpiness.

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For the original Monkey Island, we put a $1 bill in one of the boxes that the whole team signed. As far as I know, it’s never been found.