Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀

Captain´s Log Stardate SD201811,22 Captain M. Funkloch.

Today I got hold of my new ship at a space harbour with the old timey name “GOG”.
The coordinates saved in its main computer promise me three quest to undergo with my new Partner Roger Wilco who I have been assigned to command. I hope we will not only become collegues but good friends.

I have also installed an AI called @PiecesOfKate Bot who I can ask for advice whenever Wilco gets himself into too much trouble.

I´m looking forward to dive into Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter

Captain Out.

(Hell yeah, do I plan to continue to write in this style!)


Captain´s Log supplemental

Wilco got himself shot by alien intruders when all he wanted to do was get to know his new environment.

I connected him to ship´s revitalisation system and expect him back in good health and at the place where we left off soon. Luckily I can do this indefinitely (or at least until I decide to quit this job).

Captain Out.



And so it begins :grin:

Did you get to put your name in at the beginning like in the original? Or are you automatically Roger?

Also check out boss mode if that’s preserved too!

It´s a clever name I put exactly 5 seconds of thought into! I hope you can appreciate its meaning and reference.

I got to put in the name. Also the parser of SCUMMVM is a bit weird in that I enter the text on a numpad with the mouse, so I only can read the correct word once I put in all letters.

Only thing I could modify so far was the game speed, which made walking less of a chore but the enemies way more hazardous!

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(also at the moment everything keeps going :boom: everytime I try to do something. :smirk: )

It just made me laugh as a funny play on your name.

Now I’ve looked it up - as in dead zone?

I was going to suggest that too, for the giggles :smile:

It’s handy to slow that down for treacherous stairs, mind you.

In the game or your house?

Yeah, that´s our word for it. In reference to Roger and Wilco being both expressions from radio operator lingo I choose this to represent cluelessness (while also being a play on my name).

I´m just gonna tell the truth and say the game because I can´t think of a funny remark about my house at the moment.

I´m in a room where I can open some kind of display case by pushing one of two buttons which is next to a room I keep running into the door while getting a witty Karl Malden nose joke.

No idea what opening that thing did or if I´m meant to retrieve a keycard from one of the corpses.

That pressure is killing me, I keep running out of time and the ship blows up! :sweat:

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Can you say a bit more about what’s happened already so I don’t spoil anything?

I listened to the words of the dying scientist that came running towards me and then I got lucky to get anywhere without getting shot. That is all really. No items picked up yet, at all.

Maybe I´d be advisible to start from scratch if I have to do too much and the timer is too close to zero and the ship blowing up?

Aha, that’s the bit I wanted to check :slightly_smiling_face: (might want to spoiler tag if Sushi’s still going to play it)

I’m a little bit confused about that display cabinet. Is that definitely what it is?

Yes, possibly.

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Yeah, sure!

No, I´m not really sure what it is actually. But I opened it!

Okay, hm. My memory of that bit is fuzzy! I’ll check against a walkthrough tomorrow and help ya a bit more. Think I’m going to enjoy revisiting this :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool thanks. And I make sure to keep in “Spacelog” style when I have a question first time of the day. Or if I screenshot something funny.

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Was the cabinet in the room where the scientist died? Try looking at the screen.

Also occurred to me, just in general - it’s a good idea when you enter a new room to type ‘look’ - I found that really helpful when I replayed them!

Also make sure you type a swearword at least once, for the humour. I’ll let you know about other funny things when you get to them.

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Prepare to die. Often. Muahahahahaha…

Non-Spoiler-Tip: AFAIR everything happens in the exact same way after a restart. And the most annoying part in SQ1 is that first sequence in the ship. It’s getting better (and funnier) after that. :slight_smile:

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I just clicked on the thread due to the rocket, but now, I feel like I’m the wrong universe.

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So to recap. The ship so far has three floors I can access. In the first floor There is the dead scientist and the computer console I can look at also I broom closet I can stumble into an hide but it seems to loop (as it happens, I know that from the first King´s Quest) on the second floor I can reach an elevator down to the third floor that takes me to yet another big room where I first have to hide before I can move on then there is this control room with that thing that opens when I push the open button. Then there is a small room with a closed elevator where there is another corpse and a console.

Yeah, I always type “look room” when I reach an interesting place.

This was bound to happen anyway!

You know I´ve been thinking that actually once you have played through these games and know how to finish them properly. Finding all the possible ways to die could actually be a nice way to have some replay value.



Definitely. There’s also a website somewhere that documents them all – it’s quite amusing!

I can think of one for SQ2 that’s probably the most unfair. I may give you a hint around that point!

Let me know when you want another hint (did you look at the screen?)

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I think I did but don´t remember gathering much useful from it? That can´t be right, the way you make it sound.

I might be getting my consoles mixed up. Or you might need to do something else first.

Tell me about these corpses again.