Space Quest: Captain M. Funkloch's Adventures In Space 🚀

There are in most rooms but many of them are dangerous to search them. I´m almost convinced one of those has to have a keycard or something on them.

I wish I could do it like in Doom 2016 and just rip their limbs off for fingerprint/retina verifications!

Are they?

I think in SQ you’re more likely to get your limb ripped off :wink:

Yeah, they often lie in corridors where you suddenly get a prompt saying “you think you hear footsteps” next thing I know :dizzy_face: :boom: :gun: :coffin:

Can you run into an elevator when you hear that prompt?

Yeah, but I don´t think in all rooms.

I got the cartridge now after typing into the computer what the dead scienist whispered to me! :smiley:

Hm. Maybe just try in the ones where you can, if there’s a corpse there.

Tell me if I’m telling you too much, by the way.

Oh cool, that second bit was what I was trying to get to with the monitor screen, well done :slight_smile:

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No problem, I knew I needed to look for that anyway. I have no idea what I needed the cartridge for, though. Is it for points or would have forgetting it resulted in a dead end?

It was a very far away one in a corner that had it on it. The rest was more or less selfexplanatory (and I know what opening the gates was for now).

But I died quite a lot because I kept running out of time or dropped because I made the mistake of using the mouse instead of the keys. I better not use the mouse at all!

The second one (I avoided saying ‘yes’ as people can tell that through the spoiler tagging, haha) (so I’m making it even longer to increase suspicion, hahaha) (hahahaha)

But yeah, you would’ve been pretty pissed – actually I’ve decided this is much worse than the SQ2 one now that I’ve remembered the significance.

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/edit: @PiecesOfKate was faster. :slight_smile:

Mild spoiler:

In Sierra games you get sometimes an object that you need later in the game - when you can’t reach that object anymore. The Larry games are well-known for this.

Gah, I hate all spoiler posts, they´re such a chore to quote! Hahaha!

It would have been a major spoiler if you didn´t tell me I probably just avoided a major dead end!


Huge spoiler for every Sierra game: Save early, save often. And take notes. :wink:

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Damnit, I would have had soooooo much more fun had you not told me that, man!


Okay can we establish that whoever still wants to play the game just avoid this thread, and make their own later? I don´t have the nerve to care for all that too, playing the game is nervewrecking enough!

So, I also didn´t forget to pick up the translator, I hope that aids me greatly!

Maybe you should write that in your first post too?

I kinda assumed the way I styled my first post and the thread title seemed rather personal to begin with? I mean I didn´t make a general “Hints for Sierra games” thread. But sure I can add that .

Done! Now my opening post is ruined.

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Would you say that knowing the flaws of the Sierra games makes them less frustrating? Or have you already thought several times “what the beep”?

To be honest, after reading the headline I thought “Oh, another SQ fan adventure”? :wink:

In the threads where we help(ed) other players, we used spoiler tags. So writing it in the first post is/was a good idea IMHO.

I mean I know how these games work. I played a couple of time, just not the Space Quest games for longer than a couple of minutes.

Being aware might help, but there is really just one stupid thing that doesn´t make any sense after another. So having a rational mind about it doesn´t really help much.

Sure now, it´s kinda killed the idea of the style I wanted to do this in though. So I´m just gonna abandon it altogether. Whatever, I wouldn´t have carried through it it anyway…

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Oh yeah, forgot about that… the walkthrough I was checking against was clearly not thorough enough! Sorry, I’ll find a better one. Really hope I don’t unwittingly trap you – you’ll disown me!

I liked it but I did think the same – it’d be a challenge to keep it up!

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He could write the story down after he finished the game…