(SPOILERS) Which Easter-Eggs have you found?

I found a book acturately explaining the origins of the Wilhelm Scream.

Eheheh who knows?

Maybe we should keep stuff from backers and fans separate so it’s not becoming that cluttered.
Easter eggs are typically stuff added by the developers of a game.

E.g. instead of listing all backer items I’d make a Inventory Items sections instead listing special items which would also include some backer items (like the tea and eye drops) but then others like maybe Atari cartridges (e.g. referencing Rescue on Fractalus! - “Behind Jaggi Lines”).
I’d also only list books which were written by the developers.

And didn’t somebody mention Wiki-like posts being possible with this forum software?

Yes, any “Regular” member can make his own posts a “wiki post”. There is an option under the wrench icon.

In my opinion the tricky part of using a wiki post is to organize the edits so that anyone follows the same criteria.

Thanks, I think it’s fine the way it is for now. I am entering this from an iPad at the moment, so it’s not too easy for me to edit large volumes of content.


Just got Regular 21h ago so I tried it with:

Although there is probably not much to add.

If you give to the plant the radioactive waste, the plant will be “activated”, meaning that it will be ready to eat Leonard.

After activating the plant and before it grows and eats Leonard, if you give it the fizzy drink, then the plant will be “deactivated”, meaning that it will not eat Leonard anymore.

That’s actually not correct. It’s “activated” by default, i.e. it likes to eat flesh. The radioactive stuff is just used to make it grow so it can (and will) eat bigger things.

You can “deactivate” it in both states. @DZ-Jay you should play Maniac Mansion!

Yes, my bad. I misanalyzed the effects of the radioactive waste.

I have not understood this, though. Which “both states”?

I did play it, I just never finished it. I’ll have to play it again. :slight_smile:

I think it means while the plant is big and small.

Hmm… Then I’m probably missing something. @Nor_Treblig: what does it mean that you can deactivate the plant when it’s small? Are you talking about TWP, about MM or about both games?

That reminds me I encountered a dead end in Maniac Mansion when I
fed the plant Pepsi and radioactive water but in the wrong order. Then there’s no way to climb up into the attic.

Depends on the version, but I also think I´ve encountered versions of the game that have a bug where the plant burps but the character still says “it bit me” when trying to climb up.

I also discovered that sometimes the telescope doesn´t register all of the coins. it disappears from the inventory, but it doesn´t make a sound and you can´t push the button. That means you don´t have the freedom to waste a single coin. Move it once in the false direction and you can forget about it.

In both games you can feed the plant a fizzy drink and it will start burping and stop eating. That’s what I meant with “deactivate”. You can’t reactivate it though.

Yes, apparently you have to feed the plant the contaminated water instead of just watering it, so this won’t work anymore if you feed it Pepsi first.

(appreciating these spoiler blurs as I’m currently on that exact bit in MM :grin:)

OK, I fixed the entry in the first post list. Thanks!

@RonGilbert, @eviltrout,

To a moderator:

Is there a way to get edit privileges to the first post again? I would like to add more entries to the Easter Egg list so that it is comprehensive.


I would like to jump in: It would be great if I could edit the first post of the version thread. (@RonGilbert, @eviltrout).

btw: Who is a moderator? :slight_smile:


You should post your discoveries or corrections in the thread if you have any, then I can add them to the first post once I gain access. I just haven’t updated the thread in so long that I lost access to edit.