(SPOILERS) Which Easter-Eggs have you found?

How could you know that on the 1st of july?

You should know! C’mon! Test your memories, go back to the earliest ones…

Damn, I think I went too far!


Now, this time, remember not to talk to that girl at the birthday party.


Or, at least, he should have limited himself to talking to her…

Tips for the name are welcome! What do you think of Guybrush if male? I wonder if someone exists on earth who named his child that way… After all, once you got past the name related trauma, it’s all downhill from there…

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Thanks to a well-known hypnotist, I have discovered some long lost memories I didn’t recall…
and I realized that once I used to be an iOS Beta Tester for Thimbleweed Park :scream:

But I also realized that easter egg was unlocked for Beta Testing only at the end of July, while your post is of the first of july.
Anyway, my shameful slow speed as a tester lead me to discover that easter egg only far after it was released for the public :sweat:

So now, not only I have spent a lot of money in hypnosis sessions and I didn’t discover your secret (how could you know that?), but you also brought on surface some embarrassing once-lost memories of my childhood… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All glory to the hypnotoad!

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Seems so:

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I wonder in which year he was born…

In addition to that I think that I remember that Ron once said somewhere (an interview, on Twitter, a blog or forum post, a conference, … I just don’t recall where it was) that he got asked by somebody if it would be OK if that person names his child Guybrush

I think Guy is a pretty common name in france. The problem is with the brush…

Only Guybrush™


That’s the same thing I thought: he said he found it way before the iOS beta testing started. As far as I know, I was on the very first round and the tokens were not available yet (actually, the arcade games were playable without them back then…)

Unless he was beta testing that Easter egg much earlier… :confused:

Guys, that’s pretty simple: at the very beginning the game could be entirely completed by testers. Me and DZ-Jay were among the first ones here to test betas on iOS. I made it in time to see the great Easter Egg, 'cause I looked for it, after I saw this

Back then only Meteor game was available into the arcade. I silently suffered within myself while I avoided to share the hilarious use of Sexy Riker’s voice.
I had the feeling that the shovel belonged to a supposed puzzle chain not (or not yet) implemented. And the spot with the X in the wood… All that only as beautiful sceneries?
And since the grumpy nature of our Ron makes him like something only when he like something without any doubt, and also the kind and smart side of him makes him capture the good vibes from the audience, I thought that it could be possible. Some clues, and my great curiosity helped.
EDIT: It could be possible that I saw it while testing the equivalent PC beta build… I don’t remember, months have passed…

Now, you answer my question:
was the puzzle chain for tokens originally intended as we know it, or did Ron get inspired by the thread above?
What do you think?



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At least you didn´t suggest the darker director´s cut ending…

I consciously didn’t. * shudder *

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Ah, I see. On the very first beta for iOS, I remember all playable games were open and ready for use, no tokens needed.

I recall playing them all and pointing out on the beta tester’s forum that they were available. Then, on the very next build, the Arcade was locked again. Boo!

I didn’t try to look for tokens until after Mr. Gilbert mentioned that it was ready.


this things will make u afraid if u playing alone

if you type 1945 on the phone, baby sounds will come out.


I discovered this right now! If you call Dr. Fred Stober in the phone book, he will refer to Dr. Fred Edison !