Strange MI shaped murmurs on twitter

Some interesting (albeit with a heavy pinch of salt) talks about MI in some tweets from a Lucasfilm Managing Producer, Tim Schafer and Dominic Armato two days ago…

Read into what you will… but don’t get your hopes too high


What do people think?

What are the chances of at least getting these people in the same room? Or Skype call?


Wow, that is VERY interesting, even if it might only be some friendly banter between people who are as much fans of the games as they are makers of them. Hopefully this could lead somewhere. I can’t say a Disney-licensed Monkey Island 6 does not sound intriguing!

Also, gotta love how into it all these people are! : )


What I love most about it is Dominic Armato and Tim Schafer both jumping in pretty quickly, as though they’ve both been on MI alert for a while!


With no Ron it’s a blasphemy!

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So Craig was trying to get this done all along… he really is a nice man… :o