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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


Low light sure, but a screen in total darkness isn’t my cup of tea.


My brain’s first interpretation:


Hopefully this link will work in your country:

I love how they refer to the whiskers as “motion sensors”. :smile_cat:


Works for me! :joy_cat: :+1:


Yes, it works! So many cute diagrams! :kissing_cat:



Not cat, but cat aftermath…


You need one of those cleaning robots…


I love the moment where that furry white one in the middle is around is looking around at the others all like:“What we lookin’ at?”


Right, to shepherd the cats under the bed and the couch.

Note that the mat in the litter box is what prompted me to take the picture, not the general exploded mess of it. Can your robot deal with that? :japanese_ogre:



My favourite cat is the black and white one at the back-right. His rear end is way more scared than his front end! :joy:



Aaaaaaargh! I couldn’t sleep with a hotdog above my head!


:joy: I honestly didn´t expect that sentece to end like that. Well played! :clap:


Oh hey look who it is! Sonny and Cher!

Both are from the wonderful 41strange twitter account btw. there are two more by the same guy in the latest tweet.


I thought I’d seen some similar things on Twitter recently, that explains it.


Or anywhere in the bedroom really.

Incidentally, I feel that cat thing accurately describes Kuma getting angry at me for falling down from the top of the bed.


That’s a bit ambiguous. I mean Kuma falling down and getting angry at me. There’s no falling involved on my end. :wink:


Seems you don´t end doughnuts before going to bed.