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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


Or a catman costume.


I am the terror that meows in the night. I am the claw that scratches your couch. I am Catman Purrs!


Together with Super Grammar Girl and Super Testing Girl you could build the “Super Hero League of Thimbleweed Park”.


Aka @PiecesOfKate and me! :woman_superhero: :woman_superhero:


My favourite heroines! :star:


Yes! :smiley:


Yeah, we all got that. :wink: We might not be super-anything and we might lack super powers, but we aren’t that slow either. :upside_down_face:

My favourite heroine! :syringe:


I’ve lost Yang… I can’t find it anymore.
It’s missing from 3 days now.
The good news is that Yin don’t care at all.


Awww :worried: I hope Yang comes back soon!


Where have you seen him/her(?) the last time? Are they free to walk around in Italy?


Everybody has super-powers! :smiley:


Isn’t it so in Germany? Is there a law that doesn’t allow to let cats free? I don’t know if I’d like to own a cat if I must keep it as a prisoner into my house.


Certainly they are considering even pet monkeys are apparently legal in italy (or were in the 90s).


No, but a lot of people keep their (own) cats in the house and/or (a cat-prison) in the garden because they fear that their cats could get lost in the wilderness of the city.

So my question to Zak should have been: “Do you keep your cats in the house or do you let them walk free around in the nature.” :slight_smile:


Isn’t that legal in Germany too? :thinking:


As far as I know it isn´t and you can bet your ass I wanted to have one in 1996 after I had seen it at the Lake Garda camp!


But a lot people in Germany are having exotic and wild animals as pets …?


Mmhh, I remember we had a reptile zoo near Regensburg until a few years ago that had to shut down and they had to get rid of all the animals there, but struggled to find people who were allowed to have snakes, lizards etc. because not many people in germany have a license to own such animals.


Hm… Is that different between the Bundesländer? I remember that one guy lost his crocodile “pet” in a river(?) and here in my hometown some idiots tried to get rid of their piranhas in a lake. Maybe it depends on the size of the animals?


Yeah it seems to be very different, I just found an article that says exactly that.

But I´m quite definitly sure that monkeys are illegal in germany.