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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


This reminds me of a video I found one time.
(It might have been here. I can’t remember.)


Yes, they live in a garden, they can jump the gate and go outside. On the road. :expressionless:


A pet monkey at Garda lake? Maybe it was owned by a circus?


Don’t worry too much: Sometimes cats are walking around for some days. (There were interesting studies that the territory of a cat is much bigger than the owner thought.) Do your cats have a collar?


Unfortunately not. They are free like birds (!). They are not “mine”, they just decided to stay with me because I feed them and cuddle them :blush:
They are free to wander.
I know cats can go away even for years, but Yang is only a few months old. Still too young. Poor kitty…


No, it was just one lady. She had him on a leash the whole time except that one time it was sitting alone on the roof of the RV. When it came down I looked at the little guys fingers and marveled at how human they looked. I softly touched them with my index finger, he pulled both hands away and slammed them both full force onto my hand while looking directly in my eyes and screaming at me. Then he ran up a tree.

And that is the story how I was hit by a monkey when I was ten years old.


None of my cat friends ever lived like that. They always went out when they wished. A couple of them (males) didn’t come back after some time. But we rescued another one which lived his last years with us.

Anyway you should live in a good urban environment, with green areas, better if a small city or suburban areas, or even countryside. Chaotic and over-urbanized cities are not good for them (and not even for human beings! :slight_smile: )

A thought I often have, and a wish of mine, is that in future there will be a way to have a control of births without having to neuter them (which I tend to avoid, but it’s not always possible) especially avoiding to make their wilderness disappear.
I was particularly happy with Olivia that was neutered after having kittens (she was hit by a car and it was too risky to have another pregnancy), and after that she returned to be quite wild, always willing to be out for many hours a day.


And your wish to have a pet monkey is because of… revenge?


I wanted to have one after I first saw the lil’ fella. Not sure if proper revenge would work like that.


@milanfahrnholz According to Guardians of the Galaxy I’m so hipster that 0% of players managed to reach the same result as I:

(It seems rather unlikely though… a bug?)


Don’t call Rocket a cat, he’ll claw your face off!


I don’t know if monkeys are illegal in Italy nowadays.
I know only two things:

  1. even if (or maybe since) I love animals, I don’t have animals anymore. I have the idea that you can love and take care of your pet as much as you can, but… you are having a pet. I’d prefer to live (and to die) wild, than being somone’s pet. Said this, I don’t judge anybody. My family and my wife’s family have lots of pets, and I love all that people anyway :sweat_smile:. It’s just a personal choice. I don’t understand why having a monkey should be different than having a cat or a dog in a big city, where they can’t even go out alone.

  2. I’ve seen something more strange than a monkey pet, in Italy. I was at elementary school, during an educational trip to the Castle of Milan (please, no easy jokes :blush:). My family hadn’t moved yet, so this must have happened between september 1984 and september 1986. Well, in the courtyard of the Castle there was an oriental guy who had a tiger kitty on a leash! I had the thrilling experience of cuddling it. Thinking about this episode in the next years made me suspect it might even have been a dream, or a fake memory. But I don’t think so, it was quite real. Anyway, the oriental guy looked as a japanese guy, because he had an expensive camera and he was in a large group of other japanese people. He was very elegant, I thought he looked more as a business man than a tourist. Now, if my memory is a genuine one, where did he get his little tiger? In Italy? And, if he came with the tiger all the way from Japan, how did he manage to import it? :thinking:


Never understimate the power of smuggling…


Has Yang come back yet @ZakPhoenixMcKracken?


Nope, but one of the elders cat gave birth another 2 kittens. :smile:


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken in 2019 (artist’s conception)




I don’t think the game provided me the option… anyway, I’ll probably play ep 5 sometime later this week.


Why cats love my armpit?! :thinking:


Smells like teen spirit?


Here are the latest 2 kitties.
I don’t have given them a name, yet.
What would you suggest?