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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


Possible. It was only one season I think. I might have seen it in 1992 when it was first on and never since. A while ago I learned there was an NES so they at least tried to make it a bit more of a franchise.


It might be one “season,” but at 52 eps of ~21 mins I’d say it’s a bit more than what we typically think of as a season. :slight_smile:

It’s just that Blu-Ray can hold a lot of data. I would certainly be interested in SD Blu-Ray releases if I bought a Blu-Ray player.


As an aside, somehow the Samurai Pizza Cats theme song and this one have morphed in my mind…


Sure, just look at the Real Ghostbusters on Netflix first season is like 80 episodes and the other three are like 10, 8 and 7 each or something.

What I meant was that it only ran for a year or so in total.

Seems they sacrifice the picture quality for system storage.


If they still have the original film and it’s in a usable state and there’s a budget to digitize it, sure. If the SuperBeta (or something equivalent) is all there is then you’re not sacrificing anything. Then it’s just 6 to 12 DVDs on one disk.


Yup, sure there is not always a source available to do a proper remaster. For a show like that it is perfectly okay (and the saving of phsyical space is always good at this point.)


This video appeared in my YouTube suggestions just now and it really amused me :smiley_cat:


This weekend I went to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium (cat café) as a late birthday present :heart_eyes_cat:

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a bit wary about the cats being ‘exhibits’, but after we Iooked it up I was reassured they are well looked after and the rules are quite strict - no touching the cats when they’re eating, grooming or sleeping. And no picking them up or feeding them.

It was amazing. They all had their own little personalities. The giant one in the last pic likes to be patted on his hind, hard :grin:

I did feel a little like I was cheating on our own meowers :smirk:


Is that a giant top-hat hanging from the ceiling in the second pic? :smile:

There’s a cat café in Newcastle, but I’ve never been. They have a dog café that I’ve visited before, and the dogs there were lovely, but from what I can remember the room itself was pretty bare. I guess the dogs need space to roam, especially when you throw their toys for them to fetch, but it just didn’t really feel like a café. In contrast, the cat café you visited seems to have a very cosy feel to it :relaxed:


Yep :smile: they had a bit of an Alice theme going on. There were lots of high places for them to hang out - while we were finishing our tea we heard a sneeze and realised one had been curled up above my head all along :laughing:

Yeah, I can imagine it’s a bit different with dogs because they need space like you say. Whereas the cats are more settled because they basically sleep for 90% of the day anyway. That’s the only thing I’d say actually - a lot them were asleep and since (quite rightly) you’re not allowed to disturb them, that meant there weren’t many to pet. Every time one woke up we were like, go go go! Then they’d shut their eyes again, dammit.


When I scrolled down at first I thought it was a regular sized one and she was wearing it, happily standing in the middle of a sea of cats.


The Kate in the Hat.


Today is national Kate Cat day!


It is? This makes it very tempting to post my Twitter avatar here :smile:


Just do it! :heart_eyes_cat: :+1:



Wow that’s big


“What’s that? You haven’t got any white Twixes? Sure you do! Five for each hand. Now, lemme just get rid of that flesh that’s in the way…” :smirk_cat: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Is that from this year or from a previous event? :slight_smile:


A Halloween run a few years ago :slightly_smiling_face:


Awright, because I was sure I remembered one like this on your twitter a bit further below (I think it was a group shot). That´s great though, I also love your middle name! :grin: