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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


Yeah, I think there was a group one.

I really had to think about what you meant then! :smile:


Well if there’s an actual one I obviously don’t know it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Today I learned: no box is too small for a cat.


Actually, I think this theory needs further investigation.

@PiecesOfKate @Frenzie @ZakPhoenixMcKracken @anyonewithacat


In a box measuring 20x30x10 cm can fit 4 adult cats. Sleeping.


Google Maps


They all do that kind of thing, even if the video is perhaps a bit extreme even for our cats. But they’ll just stick their butt in the box with the edge cutting into their stomach for example.


I can confirm this is true.

It also doesn’t matter if there are things in the box, such as puzzle pieces. Or siblings.

And happy birthday Zak :slightly_smiling_face::tada:


I was wrong. Five cats!



Can you see it?




Un gatto a Venezia.
One of about five cats I pet in Italy. That’s five more that I’ve pet in Finland in ten or so years. Which is sad.


Must be southern europe. When in greece I think I hardly did anything else except cat petting.



Awwwww, Nushi nap! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Are you implying that in Finland there are no friendly cats, or maybe there are no cats at all?


I’m not implying anything. There are lots of cats in Finland, and most are friendly. I just don’t seem to know people with cats…


So, who bought a present for their cat(s) this year?? :smiley_cat:


In a manner of speaking. We bought our cats a new ball in a tube toy on the 24th.


Ours got a new scratchpost to rip the crap out of. My mum also got them some catnip-laced toys, which she wrapped individually and labelled ‘love from the Mad Lady’.


Is that the way they see your mum? :eyes: