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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


It count the quotes and only proceed when there is one.
Not sure if the count includes nested ones or the following regex just doesn’t work with nested quotes.


At least when I quoted yours where you quoted Katie it let it stay although it was the very next one whereas me quoting Arto didn´t work seemingly because I was the next one AND he didn´t have a quote of somebody else in his post.

Am I making sense? It´s late…


Here’s my gran’s cat, Missy!

And a funny action shot


That strongly reminds me of an old couch I had for a while.


Aww… But, erk, her head’s melted!


Is it? How?


In the second shot.


Oh you mean the motion blur! I really was wondering if that was some super obscure cat owner slang I wasn´t familar with! :laughing:


I’ve found this picture of a cat in a sauna (by Joni Kantonen

It looks like cats love saunas!
Maybe you can find them nearby.


I wonder who/what it’s staring at… :ransome:


Over by one of the litter boxes we’ve got this piece of cardboard to prevent litter from being thrown in with the radiator. The radiator heat collects there for obvious reasons, and the cats push the cardboard off to stick their face in the heat.

Also of course they just lounge over radiators in general.



I remember the cat I had when I was a kid once burned the tip of its tail while sleeping by the fireplace! (Nothing dangerous anyway).

While I wonder if the pictures of cat in saunas are taken while it’s working at high temperatures (probably not).

Eheh :slight_smile: Who knows…


Cats do love saunas. E.g. the cat of my colleague goes to sauna after people are done. There’s probably some 50° or 60° at that time.


In the depth of summer the front windows (which sadly don’t have any cover on the outside) catch a lot of sun. The curtains are closed then, and inside the curtains it’s incredibly hot. Think 30+° inside, 36° outside, and I don’t even want to know how much in the window.

Anyway, Kuma likes to just sit in there… and when she walks out she’s like a walking radiator.

She does that any time of year, sitting in the sun in the window, but in July it’s like @#@#@#$ how can she even stand that?!


My uncle told me how they had a cat that sat right in front of the fire all the time. They could smell it when her whiskers singed :laughing:


Nushi’s ready for bed…

But Leksi wants to play instead…

And here is Kuma’s grumpy head!