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Sure, even more beeping cat pictures


I guess that’s how my mum sees how they see my mum. I think it’s more likely they see her as Occasional Food-dispensing Lady.


Not a cat, but my cousin’s dog Ernie dressed as Trump


Has everyone already got this for their cats?


Interesting! Not us, no.


Nope, they can use a real cortex!


Like a brain?


Heh, maybe they think the brain’s intelligence will rub off on them? :wink:

(discourse wtf)




Cortex, the brown cover of the tree from the base to the first branch.
Is there another English name for that?


That’s what it did to me the other day! It doesn’t seem to like us quoting whole posts all of a sudden, for some reason.

I wonder if it’ll do the same to this one when I post it…

Edit: it did not, because evidently it didn’t want to look stupid.


Oh, I didn’t know that. I can’t find another word for it. Maybe a tree stump, in your example?

It’s changing up the rules to keep us on our toes :smirk:


But it’s Christmas and I want to sit down :sob:


Nobody’s saying you can’t sit down and learn at the same time! :nerd_face:


I’m guessing you just mean bark then.

Wikipedia has a picture illustrating the relationship of difficult specialist Latin to commonplace English:


Pheiloderm sounds a little naughty.


Btw. it removes the quoted post only when your post directly follows it.


Oh yeah?


Yes: cooked_post_processor.rb
Now stop breaking it!

Loving this right now

system 2 mins – Automatically removed reply to previous post.


Trying again…

Oh yeah, worked this time!

Seems like it is okay with quotes within quotes.