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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!


Is this a water gun?


No, a gasoline gun. :fire:


Best I could get through security.


A non-transparent liquid container, through security? Hogwash!


Believe it or not, but the regular gun has been replaced with a water gun, because people have used it for threats (or someone thought it was used for a threat in a tweet, which resulted in a court case). :roll_eyes:

Let me find the article…


Replace this :fu:!

They’d better replace these too:
And :man_singer: :woman_singer: in some cases…


I see what you did there!

Geez, what happened to those singers?


Yeah… I’d better do something useful


Getting a life? How dare you!


Yes, as a fish I find that one more threatening. As well : :couch_and_lamp:, :toilet:

They’ve been Aladdin Saned.


Oh, those are flashes drawn onto their faces!


Or just really bad rashes!
Or y’know… ashes to ashes!

(I’m in a rhyming mood today)


Hey twitter, apple & co.



Somebody thought it was important to make this particular emoji, with both a sofa and a lamp.
Somebody designed this. As part of their job. :sweat_smile:


It´s…the arts!


:fist_right: :boom: :weary:

Stop emoji violence, because it´s not like there were more important things to worry about!


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :no_good_woman: :woman_playing_handball: :sparkles: :face_with_head_bandage: :arrow_right: :hugs:

Stopping violent 'moji hands + sending good vibes to the victimised 'moji faces

…what is even happening to this thread


It got some mojifications…


We’re just keeping ourselves quietly busy while you’re playing TWP hard mode. And going off topic. Obviously!


:ransome: you can all go and kiss your own a**es!

(Hey just trying to nudge back to playing TWP-hard mode + Ransome uncensored)