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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!


Seems someone was stuck on that tree for a longer time!


while I go and tell crappy jokes to the masses!
Maybe I’ll insult that guy with the glasses…


:ransome: …who looks like he could kill the rest of the crowd with the gasses he passes!


:joy: :clap: :clap:


Today I went into the forest, got Ransome to leave the circus, and got Cassie to leave the radio station for a while. No hints needed at the moment.


Any theories on why you might have to do certain things?


Well, I think the trampoline will be needed to obtain the joke book page that blew away. This didn’t happen in Casual Mode, so I was amused to see the page flying all around the inside of the trailer and out the window :laughing:

I guess it will become clear what I need to do at the radio station once I find a certain item. Same with the thimbleberry bush. Still haven’t explored everywhere yet.


Yeah, I really spend an inordiante amount of time trying to solve the radio tower puzzle without really knowing what I needed to do that for, because that only comes later but you can fool around with case much earlier own. Just don´t lose focus and concentrate on what your journal tells you.


Half of that time was spent waiting for Ransome to climb the beeping tower!


The BEST part!


Didn´t we discover some more random diggin dialog when I did my stream? I think it takes a while and then he goes all wild and poetic with his diggin speech.


:open_mouth: Now I know what I’m doing in the game for the next ten minutes!
(Too sleepy to do much else right now :sleeping: )


:open_mouth: :mega:Enjoy your evening with Milan! (More people should try that!)”


The most interesting thing I got Doug to do was say the same line three times in a row (starting from 2:37).

Watch the whole video if you have nothing better to do for ten minutes! :grinning:


What’s up with the sound at 8:55 - 9:20?
Reyes tapdancing?


Maybe if you wait just a liiiiiittle longer something like this will happen:


It didn’t happen while I was playing the game, only in the recording.


I think that part that surprised us happened in the entryway, where he has different dialog.


i’ll play some more next week. Got quite a few things to pack and sort out before Friday, when I’ll be travelling down south for my friend’s wedding. Back on Tuesday! :slight_smile:


Be sure to catch that bouquet!