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Tasse-Tee vs TWP Hard Mode!



Haha, I love how they all leave the booth at the same time!


Loaded up my save file and discovered a new thing almost immediately! :smile:



(Pretty sure that was added only in the talk-to-other-playable characters patch)


Some funny lines I found:


I “discovered” it too by accident while testing some of my and my sister’s lines. It was a good thing because I could notice that Cassie’s line had the wrong intonation.

Hmm, now I don’t remember if I overwrote that file with the correct one…


It’s been some time since I fired up the game so that chainsaw bit was the first time I’ve heard “uncensored Ransome.” I have to say that I like “censored Ransome” better – maybe it’s because imagining what he’s saying is more fun. :slight_smile:


Test: what happens if Franklin uses each piece of stationery on the HotelTron 3000, and the hotel manager disposes of them all? Is it a dead end?
Findings: the stationery reappears in the rooms you took them from. No dead end.


Achievement: new word learned - stationery
Requirement: thanking @tasse-tee
Dealing: Thank you, @tasse-tee!


Huh, I feel like I might’ve learned that word from an adventure game back in the '90s or early 2000s.


Not to be confused with stationary (not moving) :blush:


That I learned from a sci-fi novel in the mid-'90s. (In its Dutch form, stationair, that is.) Some spaceship had a something like a stationary steam engine, except with dark matter instead of steam.


Loaded my save file with Franklin, and my next experiment immediately presented itself.


Current status: I’m on Part 4. Got a pizza flyer, need to find the location of the meeting. Got some cake, need some ice cream - Clara wasn’t even in the elevator at this part in Casual Mode. Took me a while to get some ThimbleCon tix as I was guessing most of the answers :sweat_smile: There’s at least seven sets of unique questions. And I think Casual Mode treats all your answers as correct by default.


You do? Hm, I forgot all about that already I guess.


I don’t even remember any of that…
Was it where you need to convince the annoying kid you got your lingo down? Or was it the radio station contest?


That was simple, except it took a few minutes due to trying out some wrong options on purpose. :wink:


The radio station contest.


Remind me, what happened there? I vaguely remember calling 'em (?) but that’s about it. :slight_smile:


+1, but blur them spoilers.
I don’t want to interfere with my blackout-forgetting-process-in-order-to-enjoy-my-next-play-through-as-if-I-just-discovered-a-game-from-2017-that-plays-like-a-game-from-1987-you-never-heard-about-and-found-at-the-bottom-of-a-drawer.