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Testers (and translators!) needed for my game

Hi guys,
as I already announced in another topic, I’m porting Kill Yourself on PC using Adventure Game Studio.

The game is in advanced beta stage, it’s basically ready, but there are parts of the script that might have some strange side effect due to the AGS engine limitations. So I thought that some of my dear old forum friends might be interested in looking at it.

The game is currently for Windows only. If you’re interested in trying it out, just write me :slight_smile:

And, I need translators. Mostly for French and German, and a small help for Spanish. I already have the Spanish translation from the Android version, but the PC version has some slight changes and some new sentences (really just a handful) that need to be rewritten. However the beta is currently only in English, but that shouldn’t be a problem for any of you here.


The local Dutch translators are feeling left out. (Roughly how many strings are there?)

Oh yeah, I forgot Dutch :smiley: well, actually I’d be interested in all languages.

It’s between 700 and 800 lines

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I can do Finnish :slightly_smiling_face:


I can test your italian! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Vaguely topic adjacent:

I had never heard of the Godot engine until a couple of days ago.

But as soon as my new PC is home I’ll begin working on my own point&click engine :smiley:


It’s worth a look IMHO but not that powerful like Unity. (But fully Open Source.)

I’m upping this thread to ask again for help.

Is there someone here in the forum who can do French and/or Polish, Russian? :smiley: along with English, Italian, German, Spanish and soon Dutch also, that would make a great roster of languages…

Depends, if you want mediocre French, I’m your guy! :smiley:

Maybe @nihilquest may help you?

I can do Flemish (if Frenzie’s doing Dutch already) :upside_down_face:
And I know people who can do Polish and French- but they probably won’t want to do it😕

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Off topic: I just tried the Godot engine (also because I named my PC Godot, because it was never arriving from the repair shop) and DAMN IS IT UNUSABLE. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but their latest release has refresh problems. So you write something, and letters appear only after you wrote another letter, you open a menu and the menu shows only after you move the mouse somewhere else.

Sounds like a bug. :thinking:

There are a lot of Godot games out there, so it has to be usable. At least in some way … :wink:

btw: Are you referring to the Godot engine or the Godot engine with Escoria?

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