The 2018 what are we playing thread

So there really seems to be an unwritten law for me when I´m playing Metroidvanias.
When I´m rather high up a big shaft and drop down I nervously steer left in right missing every single platform so I end up at the very bottom every time! Gwgegnhwgpwhgerrg…:grimacing:

Just do not react at all :slight_smile:

That´s the thing with panic, your fingers twitch. It happened to me in the Metroid games and Symphony of the Night (though that one has not as many high shafts). I love Metroidvania games but that´s a part I always suck at.

Same here, btw. :slight_smile:

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Then you most likely know about this one, but just in case:

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Well, I would like to play these games during 2018:

  • Thimbleweed Park (it’s definitely time for a second playthrough).
  • Complete The Blackwell series.
  • The Darkside Detective.
  • The Secret of Monkey Island.
  • Monkey Island 2 (it’s also time for another playthrough of these two).
  • And some of the Humongous Entertainment games with my children (we will start with Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo).

I’m lucky if I get time to play these games. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions!


Just finished Axiom Verge, great game! Well done Thomas Happ!

Total time: There seems to be one dot too much, but is it one in the front or at the end? :slight_smile:

Maybe it´s 6 milliseconds? But it was definitly 16 hours and 46 minutes! :slight_smile:

OK, so it wasn’t 16 days and 46 hours (total: 430 hours) :slight_smile:

Nah! I only installed the game on monday had four playing sessions in total (so four times four hours it looks like).

Besides, that way to count wouldn´t make much sense since in the 46 hours is an entire day. So it would rather be 17 Days and 22 hours.

Anyone playing Farcry?

Apparently this one also goes to 60 so you have actually played 1006 hours but don’t want to admit it!

Oh wow, Far Cry 2 is already getting 10 years old in 2018 (and Far Cry 1 was from 2004).
Maybe they will release the third one this year…

Farcry 5 is going to release next year!

Not on GOG. There’s a +10 year time lag :smiley:

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Because of ubisoft´s weird practics?

I think the vast majority of AAA game companies do that. They just release free DRM versions of their games once they milked the cow to death. :cow:


I’ve updated my 2018 games list, having now finished Maniac Mansion and Thomas Was Alone.

I’m making a start on The Secret of Monkey Island and wondering how much I will remember. While I’m on the PC (hurrumph) I might check out Octavi’s mini game too.

Edit: oh, it looks like Midnight Scenes is actually on Mac, yay.


I updated my list too for January and what I plan playing for the next weeks

Thanks for reminding me! I downloaded, installed and finished it in 15 minutes. Creepy