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The 2018 what are we playing thread


I played the demo version of Sol705 this morning. I’m excited for the full version due next Spring.

I think it’s very original with a good artistic sensibility. The english translation had a few errors, but wasn’t too distracting.


Anyone playing Enter The Gungeon??


Not yet. Is it worth a play? :slight_smile:


My brother said it´s a fun co-op game.


Yes it is awesome… And boasts carefully detailed pixel art…


Played Octavi’s The Librarian today.

The Cave
What Remains of Edith Finch
Maniac Mansion

Thomas Was Alone
Midnight Scenes: Highway

The Secret of Monkey Island


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Little Nightmares
Hidden Folks

The Librarian
Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note


This list is impressive! How do you got all the time for it? My list:

The Darkside Detective

Then the developer decided to publish a new free episode. So here we go again:

The Darkside Detecive


I´ll just list for now:

My recently finished games:

  • Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon
  • The Inpatient VR
  • Among The Sleep

My upcomming games:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Castlevania Requiem (Rondo of Blood & Symphony Of The Night)
  • Call Of Cthulhu


I always think I spend much less time playing than most gamers I know :slightly_smiling_face: I only really play for a few hours at the weekend usually - sometimes the odd weeknight if I’m alone. I have done better this year than last though, probably due to forum encouragement :wink:


Come again?




cough… I need a moment to recover…

the sh%%load of cr%p you played before playing the game… cough

Ok, back to my senses, I admit I don’t know most of those games.


Just because it’s MI doesn’t mean I was automatically desperate to play it :slightly_smiling_face: There were various reasons I played those other games first (chronological order being one).

And yeah, having played them I wouldn’t call any of them crap. (If MI was crap I wouldn’t be playing the second one!)

  • Finished State of Mind
    By and large it played a bit like Firewatch, though without reaching its class. It meshed pretty well with my own pessimistic view of the future (of technology), but as some reviewer somewhere wrote, it would have done better by focusing on one or two aspects instead of throwing everything that’s conceivable into the mix.

  • Started Divinity Original Sin 2
    Wine 3.16 finally allows running that on Linux. Not enjoying it as much as the first part though, as it needlessly complicated the combat mechanics and got rid of the humorous mood. But it’s still fun.


I have started Hitman Absolution and soon gonna get Bad North Pc version


My “to play” list for the coming two weeks:

  • Outlast :scream:
  • Amensia Collection (including: Dark Descent, Machine For Pigs, Justine) :dizzy_face:
  • Castlevania Requiem (including: Rondo Of Blood and Symphony Of The Night) :vampire:
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 :cowboy_hat_face:
  • Cal Of Cthulhu :octopus:

Twas nice knowin’ you guys I guess! :wave: :smile:


I’m currently playing Désiré.
It’s a point’n’click adventure game, free, where the main character is a 12yo French boy, who is achromat, that is he can’t see any colour, only black and white.

The plot seems intriguing, a little bitter.

I’ve played only a few minutes so far, but I like it:


Finished. I hate games like this. :grimacing:


That was pretty quick.

I don’t have any interest in playing the game. It looked way too boring. I think GOG or something gave it to me though.


It took around 3 hours. Unfortunately the PS4 doesn´t have VR Support so that would have made it more interesting.