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The 2018 what are we playing thread


Started and finished:

Among The Sleep.

Neat first person psycho horror game in which you play a baby that seems to have bad dreams or something and in which you uncover something terrible that happened between your parents (I think). All that with the help of your trusty walking talking teddy bear.

Yeah, really hard to describe combo of walking simulator and puzzle game. Frustrating in parts, but the atmosphere was spot on and the general idea something original.



I think there is only one required “fight”: Biff.

You can get the maximum total IQ points by making savegames before the puzzles and solve them in all the possible ways rewarding you with IQ points (proceeding the game with the one solution giving you the highest number).
As you said: In Indy3 there is no large branching as in Indy4.

The toughest IQ points I remember are:

  • shooting down all those airplanes
  • fighting the guard on the Zeppelin


The choice of skipping the zepplin is the only alternative in the game, right?

Also can you skip the border patrols when you managed to shoot down all planes (which I never known anyone who could do that) ?


No, AFAIR you can skip the sequence with Hitler in Berlin.

That’s right.

Same here. :slight_smile:


You can skip stuff left and right: Every time you bribe a guard you don’t fight him etc.
But those are very short ones, unlike the huge branches in Indy4.
So you can easily use savegames and revert just to some minutes ago and redo it with another solution.

You have to play all three ways:

  • Start the airplane from airport and immediately crash (to get all IQ points at all checkpoints)
  • Start the airplane and shoot down all enemies (to get all IQ points from this section, good luck with that! I think there are 16 or so)
  • Go the Zeppelin route to get all IQ points there.

Edit: You have to shoot down 16 to get all IQ points, from an FAQ:

You get (5) IQ Points when you Shoot 6, 11 and 16 planes down.

In theory when you shoot down 19 planes you should be out of Germany, but I
have never got this far.


Ah yes, that means not having to retrieve the grail diary. I forgot how you do that, though? Do you forge it? Give them a counterfeit diary?


Uhm. Good question. I really can’t remember. AFAIR it has to do with the (fake) diary (that Indy drew as a kid and that you can find in Henry’s house).

But I’m confident that @Nor_Treblig can give the solution. :slight_smile:


Oh no, I think that was it!

They could have added a line in that case about Indy outsmarting the Marx Brothers or something. Hehe. :laughing:


Not sure what the question is.

You have to give out the fake diary to get those IQ points.
But you also have to go to Berlin to let Hitler sign the real one for IQ points but then also the “Passierschein” which you need later for some soldier at a border.


The question is/was if and how you can skip the Hitler sequence. AFAIR you don’t have to go to Hitler and let him sign the/a book. Is this true?


You don’t have to go to Berlin if you give this machine gun guy the fake one.
You also don’t have to let the book signed when you are there.

When I played to game back then I didn’t know the movie and it didn’t even occurred to me to give him back the book.
You have to play this part in three ways to get all IQ points though, see my previous comment.


I played the demo version of Sol705 this morning. I’m excited for the full version due next Spring.

I think it’s very original with a good artistic sensibility. The english translation had a few errors, but wasn’t too distracting.


Anyone playing Enter The Gungeon??


Not yet. Is it worth a play? :slight_smile:


My brother said it´s a fun co-op game.


Yes it is awesome… And boasts carefully detailed pixel art…


Played Octavi’s The Librarian today.

The Cave
What Remains of Edith Finch
Maniac Mansion

Thomas Was Alone
Midnight Scenes: Highway

The Secret of Monkey Island


Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Little Nightmares
Hidden Folks

The Librarian
Midnight Scenes: The Goodbye Note


This list is impressive! How do you got all the time for it? My list:

The Darkside Detective

Then the developer decided to publish a new free episode. So here we go again:

The Darkside Detecive


I´ll just list for now:

My recently finished games:

  • Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon
  • The Inpatient VR
  • Among The Sleep

My upcomming games:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Castlevania Requiem (Rondo of Blood & Symphony Of The Night)
  • Call Of Cthulhu