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The 2018 what are we playing thread


You use that like others say “but I was drunk!”


Oh yeah! You should definitely get back on that. It’s worth it so you can then play SQ2, which IMHO is the best one.


Because it’s true. :slight_smile: I’m not able to concentrate properly around that time, especially if I still have to work. (And yes, it’s a sign that I have to go to bed.)


Why? :slight_smile:


Because… these go up to eleven!


I just think the puzzles are the most interesting. Plus it’s the first one (and the first adventure game) I played, so part of that is the nostalgia effect. I also don’t like the point-and-click format of 4 onwards. There’s also no big annoying arcade sequence in 2.




Nah, I tend to agree: SQ4 was the first SQ I tried 25 years ago and apart from being brutally hard (couldn’t get further than the first screens before getting killed/arrested/…), I also recall the UI being very unforgiving.


I really should get myself all those Sierra series´ when they come around El Super Cheapo next time.


Oi, Mr Mis-quote, I didn’t say all point-and-clicks :stuck_out_tongue: Those blimmin’ icons were so fiddly and not very intuitive (hey, maybe someone should start a discussion about that type of interface :smirk:)

Agreed! Even more so than standard Sierra!


I started it a few years back. It began with some super awkward boxing and I was like NOPE.

Not to worry, I’ll probably check it out sooner rather than later. I think I may have even read the diary a couple of months ago.

But, you know, once I finish Last Crusade and Grim Fandango there’ll be nothing left. :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, I still have to finish Broken Age. I never really got started on part 2…


You can solve it without boxing - well, in theory. :wink:


I probably bought it in a bundle thing on GOG whenever I previously said I bought Zak McKracken (2015?). So I don’t really recall the precise details. I dunno, did it also still come with the MM/Zak verbiage overload? Something about it just didn’t vibe with my mood at the time.

tl;dr I (re)played Fate of Atlantis instead.


Or are you just referring to the knockout punch thing? I forget which game that was in.


This. In Indy 3 you have to punch/kick some nazis - like in in FoA. But you can avoid that boxing if you just avoid the contact to the nazis (AFAIR).


I don’t think there is an instant win button, like in FoA, but I’m pretty sure you can play the game without ever entering into a fight. It’s not as easy however. Some require the right dialogue choice, some the right disguise, some the solving of puzzles.

Of the LFG adventures, I think Indy3 is the most unforgiving, but on the upper side, it has lots of ways to complete certain stages. Unlike FoA, which had the branching in the middle, but each path then required a specific solution.


That’s what I mean. :slight_smile: But I never managed to avoid all fights. (AFAIR you have to avoid the fights if you would like to get the maximum IQ.)


Is it even possible to get maximum IQ in one playthrough? I always assumed that you’d have to play multiple times and exhaust all available solutions to individual puzzles (which would obviously include avoiding all the fights).

Me neither. But then there are more things I never managed to do. Come to think of it, it’s odd that very few adventure games offer multiple solutions to their puzzles. Guess it might just not be worth the effort. (Though I think it was a planned feature for The Devil’s Men; one more reason I had been looking forward to that game).


AFAIK that’s right. :slight_smile:


I still have to start that one (close to 200 others) If I play and finish one game every month (which I don’t/can’t) I’ll be busy for at least another 15 years :open_mouth:

completely optional awkward boxing. And It isn’t that bad… punch hi/mid/low, defend hi/mid/low, watch your feet and the stamina meters. 50 % of the enemies should be simple to beat if you practice for a minute or 10 - which beats your real life learning curve :laughing:


Apparently collecting a ton of tiberium gives you a high efficiency rating: