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The 2018 what are we playing thread


I was wrong. I had to use the in-game semi-hint system (spacebar) to find the missing piece without going on an extensive pixel hunt, the paint atomizer.


You shouldn’t read this: Hey you really should not! Last chance … 3 … 2 … 1 … 0.1 … The first time I was stuck, was when I needed the TV screen in the lobby, because I did not examine the place where it was located good enough. Based on such an experience you adapt and the game also felt less after it wanted you to hunt pixels. The big riddle at the end of the game did not make sense to me when I was playing the game and I solved it by trial and error. I also was stuck when I needed to get the right location because I did not look at the GUI good enough and missed a dimension.


You guys have me intrigued. I might have to buy this game over the holiday.



Unforeseen Incident’s protagonist offers sage advice to Foxtail’s protagonist:


You might want to read this when you’re in the next chapter (hah, this is fun): You know, this will be important, in a good way. What I missed in the game was another puzzle with this idea in order to disable someone.




Would you let a 10-year old watch you play this game?

I couldn’t find an age rating on GOG. Common Sense Media says 13+ but keep in mind he did finish TwP when he was 8, so…

Not sure if the 13 is for difficulty level or mature content.


I would, but I’m Dutch. The summary on GOG (which I didn’t read prior to purchasing the game) describes it quite well.

I took a quick peek on YT, which is apparently full of let’s plays of this game. Here’s what that looks like (minor spoiler if you didn’t read the GOG description, otherwise this is within the first 10 minutes):

I would suspect that’s about as bad as it gets, barring by implication.


Right now I’m half wondering if all those herbs are a complete red herring or if I’m supposed to use them as a mustache. Probably not, doesn’t seem like that kind of game. Then again, neither did Broken Sword. And it sounds like good fan art either way.

Edit: you know, I could’ve had all of this stuff with me already! I knew this would happen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I the only one that can only see a grey box instead of @Frenzie’s last two pics? :confused:
Edit: never mind, they both loaded after a few minutes. Just Discourse being weird.


gasp (anyone can safely click this one, not a real spoiler)



Now I only see a pic that’s just plain wrong! :upside_down_face:

(also not a real spoiler)


Going to go back to Life Is Strange now. Been a long time since I played the free first episode, now I´m gonna do the remaining four of season 1.


I’m glad I mentioned this game since a few people seem to be getting into it now :slightly_smiling_face: I hope you like it too.

I’ve not had much time to play it since I started but hoping to get back to it tonight.


I finished Gemini Rue a little while ago and it was excellent…
I’ve been some way into The Inner World for about a year now, but can’t be bothered to keep playing it at the moment…


On Unforeseen Incidents, I thought this was pretty funny (more spoiler-y than the other image, but probably not too much):

I tried that shortly after TWP and the interface was a major turnoff at the time. :slight_smile:


What’s funny is I played it in two parts with a gap of about a year in between…
The first time I played it, I played until I reached the gun training bit, and I was like, “awww hell naw!” and quit playing.
But then a little while back I decided to give it another chance and found that the gun bits weren’t often and were pretty easy.

Kinda like Grim Fandango… I initially only played a bit and wasn’t impressed, but a while later I played some more and got to Rubacava where the whole game really kicks off and gets good from then on.


Wow, this actually worked. I was just messing about brute-forcing some semi-nonsense, basically clueless. (Potentially big pw spoiler.)

There’s a description of someone in the diary that can be taken as a synonym for something else.

[Edited to remove screenshot.]


I think this riddle was really good. Ahh chapter three, so many good moments … and Leith Rachel was hot.


Two technical asides:

  1. The books are a heck of a lot more legible in UHD. In HD they were rather blurry.
  2. Even Windows 10 on my desktop has micro-stutters when entering rooms. That’s the same PC that runs Shadow of the Tomb Raider in ultra with a minimum framerate of 43, but in Unforeseen Incidents we get some serious framedrops. :stuck_out_tongue: (Not bothersome, but clearly noticeable.)