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The 2019 what we are playing thread


Sorry, I misread. Like you, I decided to save Chloe


I decided to finish Thomas is Alone. It turns out that after the part where i got stuck for a while a few years back the game has a major difficulty drop. It’s part of the story, but kind of odd. Just when it’s becoming challenging (albeit in an annoying way), it goes for just the story. It could be worse… we’ll see. I’m probably close to the end now.

The reason I quit back then is because it’s one of those situations where you have to play the same stuff over and over again just to make that one thing work.


Sorry, I chime in again just for a quick heads-up… Life is Strange is currently on sale on Steam. €3.99 for the next 24 hours. Too bad I paid it €19.99.

I recommend everybody to take advantage of this and get it.


A discount was the reason I bought it last december! :slight_smile:

Though I already had tried the first episode (which I think should always be free) the year before.


The free episode, given that you recommended it, was the only reason I downloaded it!
After the first one, I was addicted.


Good marketing it seems!

And they still seem to do good with the prequel and the currently going season 2!

Between them and Supermassive Games it seems this kind of storytelling game isn´t dead yet, despite what happened to Tell Tale Games now.


Weird, if you look on the store it’s €3.99 per episode…

But when you click on one of them, you see this:

Same deal on Humble and presumably other platforms:

(I understand devs get a larger share of the money on Humble than on GOG and Steam, so if it’s DRM-encumbered anyway…)

Not necessarily the way they did it in the '90s. Those first episodes felt like entire games. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, the Shadow Tactics demo (first two levels free or something like that) is the reason I bought that game when it came out.

Even more interesting was when they had special demo episodes/maps/campaigns. I remember copying the data files from the Age of Empires demo into the full game to replay the demo campaign. (Why not just replay the demo? Well, for the fun of messing about with the program of course! :D)

Edit: btw, I finished Thomas was Alone. It’s pretty decent and probably worth checking out, but it can’t touch VVVVVV.


Btw, on Humble the Life is Strange sale is still on for a few more days.


Well, tomorrow I will begin with the hopefully awesome Resident Evil 2 Remake (all signs pointing to awesome!).

Apart from that I´m thinking of picking up Conarium in February and The Sinking City in March.


I bought Remember Me on Fanatical (where it is/was on sale for <€6) since it’s the previous game by the people who made Life is Strange. I’ve been debating buying it for years now and all this talk about LiS made me decide to tie the knot.

The first half hour was reasonable enough as a real-time animated feature, but I haven’t really seen the game yet. (DmC did that much better.)

You already have a key? I don’t know when AMD will see fit to send me mine; tomorrow I guess. :slight_smile:


It is on my PS4 already (they become downloadable and installable 2 days before release) and will become playable tomorrow at midnight. :slight_smile:


Steam also does that I believe. But I have to wait for this:


I know, they don´t have an auto download, I believe. Or maybe it´s because I pre ordered. :man_shrugging:


Steam’s had preloading functionality since long before any console even dreamed of it afaik — I mean, we’re talking Xbox 1 era with 8 GB HDD here — but not all publishers enable it. It wouldn’t surprise me if everyone who preordered RE2 already has it parked on their drives by now. The screenshot I posted is just AMD/Capcom not giving me the key yet. :slight_smile:


Well, you somehow managed to get two new games for free, yay!

I guess you´ll be getting it at midnight.


For free for just a little over € 200. :rofl: :wink:

But sure, if I had been planning to buy these games for € 60 each I suppose you could think of it as a € 120 reduction. I was planning to get DMC 5 at some indeterminate point in the future, but um, I’m sorry to say I didn’t like RE2. :slight_smile:

Remember Me has a minor problem. It displays presumably useful tips on the loading screen. The problem is that the game loads in a split second.

The actual gameplay reminds me a little of Oni so far, if you think away the gunfights. Where by so far I mean the tiny tutorial taste of fighting and platforming. Ftr, I really enjoyed Oni back in the day, so I mean that in a positive way.


Well, that just sounds like a rip-off. (I mean didn´t you pay €80 too much?)

Don´t be sorry, I don´t care. I´m very much looking forward to it, was very fond of the game back then and I like the new look! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I should’ve picked a cheaper game with a better GPU included. Oh well, live and learn. :smiley:

Remember Me pulled one of those annoying tutorial popup things. The first mini-boss jumps at me and I want to evade, but suddenly there’s a popup saying use left stick + A to evade. I dismiss the popup so that… he hits me. Gee, thanks, game.

In my memory, Oni didn’t pull such nonsense. I might remember wrong. Bitching about trends in some modern games aside, the fact that it feels like a modernized Oni is a very pleasant surprise.


Here’s some random wall graffiti in Remember Me. Neo Paris is a stunningly executed but (so far?) linear locale.

It was described to me as an inferior Tomb Raider. That was… a horrible description. I’ve played it for about 2-3 hours total now, and while I don’t know how it’ll continue, it’s starting to look like an absolute treat. The main problem is that it took at least an hour and a half to get to where you start in, say, DmC.

  • Good story/atmosphere.
  • Interesting memory rewinding & altering mechanic (that I assume was fleshed out into an entire game in Life is Strange). I’m definitely looking forward to more of this.
  • Probably the best fighting system of its kind. You can customize your own combos, and it’s great fun.

The platforming, which I suppose is where the comparison with Tomb Raider came from, is nothing particularly interesting.



If you bought an AMD GPU within the last few months you got two or three free games:

Tijdelijk ontvang je bij deze videokaart een tegoed voor 2 top games! Je hebt hierbij de keuze uit RESIDENT EVIL 2 (release 25 januari), DEVIL MAY CRY 5 (release 8 maart) en TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION 2 (release 15 maart). De release datums kunnen afwijken.

Deze actie is geldig t/m 9 februari 2019 en zolang de voorraad strekt.

In my case I bought a mid-range card, so I got two free games. If you buy an extra expensive card you get all three.

I don’t really know what they mean by “while supplies last.” It’s digital… Maybe there’s some kind of limit to the deal between AMD and Capcom?