The Castle (game inspired by Maniac Mansion)

A rusty key or a glowing key?


Ok I’ve restarted the game.
This time with Sister Angela and Agent L.
I picked up everything, I suppose. The only room to visit is that of the owner, that green alien.
But I’m stuck.
I could call for a pizza, but I can’t access the landing place.

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Is it just me, I can’t get it to go fullscreen?

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I just ran it in 4x; didn’t really try. :slight_smile:

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You haven’t picked up anything in that room? You need to …

otherwise you IGNORE what I have written. :slight_smile: (no, wait, this works in English this time)

you can, but you need to manually launch winsetup.exe

for me it ws located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Castle

Edit: No, sorry, it doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can: enter the game folder, then execute “winsetup.exe” file.

Yes it works, I’m playing full screen.
It can happen, sometimes, that you receive an error message about screen resolution.
Ignore, and retry.

No. I need to distract him. Maybe the old trick of the doorbell front door should work…

What? You just told me you did that thing on the roof… Why do you need another way?

Oh, wait! Maybe you did not combine the towel with another thing before putting it on the antenna.

Exactly. I thought to:

  • use that thing that produces smoke
  • use bottle of milk
  • use brown potion

but none of them work.

you need to combine the towel with another object that is not in your inventory, but in a precise room. then I think the effect on the antenna will be longer. I am not sure because I had already combined it by chance.

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Thank you, I’ll think of something! :+1:

Edit: maybe… if I electro-statically charge the towel… could it work? But if I get too close to the Tesla coils, I die (well, sort of)

No… Much easier.

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I´ll try that this evening.

Meanwhile, let’s welcome @Carles, the Programmer Author, who joined this forum yesterday!
Welcome! As you can read, we all are playing Maniac Mansion Revenge The Castle!

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WOW! THE VERY SAME AUTHOR? Great to have you here @Carles! Can you please do ten more games like this? I’ll buy all ten!


I´ll ignore it´s meaning. :rofl:

Welcome @Carles


This is fantastic. I want an entire game like this!

“Roger, what does the inscription say?”

“I ignore its meaning.”

“What? But our life depends on it! Tell me!”

“I ignore its meaning, I said!”


Look at door
Nice door.

Look at thing
Nice thing.

That’s another way to default to “That’s doesn’t seem to work.” :rofl:

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