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The Curse of Monkey Island appreciation thread


Again that´s a season 11 or onwards episode.


Nobody seems to understand us, Milan.


are you both waiting for season 11a?


I´m waiting for Disney to buy Gracie Films.


I always wonder how a game like Curse of Monkey Island “would have done” or “would do” with a huge AAA or mobile Marketing budget.

TV, YouTube and social media adverts etc…

From my experience people I know whom either never played games or still don’t play games, played curse and loved it.

The casual nature of point and click is definitely a market that has more potential now with mobile gaming etc. but I wonder without the millions used in a marketing budget of today’s size is it possible to break through enough noise to interest people enough.

“The walking dead” was certainly a big hit, I can’t see why it can’t be replicated with other properties and made mobile. I wish I was a billionaire I’d market the f**k out of something

(I just realized “the walking dead” is 6 years old :skull:)


At least they were not exaggerating about that!

(Edit: whoops, wrong thread…)

Escape from Monkey Island is now on GOG!

But while technically based on the comic that was practically a TV tie-in.


I nearly had a heart-attack when I found out Curse was on Steam.

This game and Escape are treated a bit harshly. They’re not Ron Gilbert MIs but they do their best, and even Ron has said he liked Curse, even if it wasn’t the game he would have made. The art style is stunning, and the humour and puzzles are really faithful to the first two. It also has the best soundtrack of the series! I still get goosebumps when the steel drums kick in on the Plunder Island map