The Darkside Detective


Yes. To be sure, I have just checked it and I can confirm that the demo that I played matched with the first case, “Malice In Wonderland”.

I was about to ask the same because that free browser demo (the one with the poltergeist) linked earlier is a different case. I only found out after finishing the 6 cases of the game and played that one too (it´s much shorter than the rest).

But I noticed that steam offers a free demo, so I guess that would have been the first case, then?

I have probably played this demo on Kongregate, which was linked from the official website and that corresponds to the first case of the commercial game. I have never played the demo linked at the top of this thread.

Make it so! Takes like ten minutes.

I have finished it and the best thing about this other demo is that the final video shows (among other drawings not used in the game) a great pixel-art version of Nighthawks, one of my favorite paintings:


Yes, there was even more trailer exclusive material than in TwP!

I’m really enjoying the official soundtrack.

Me too, though mostly electronics funnily enough my favourite track is in the cave where the lake monster is.

Yes, both guitars and rhythm have a nice smooth Police vibe.

I bought this game on discount on Gog. Finished 4 missions out of 6. The first few minutes of the first episode are incredibly funny. Then, later episodes, not much. Edit: the fifth is funny again! :slight_smile:

Well worth the price . Sparse observations: I don’t think the lack of walking animation detracts anything from the experience. (I used to think that walking without teleporting was important for immersion, but I don’t think this anymore.)

Instead of the walking animations, they show what Dooley is carrying. I think it’s a good choice.

I don’t like that there is no “play in window” option, so I am forced to see huge pixels. I eventually found a hidden option, but if I set the window small, then the text is too small!

@All : So, have you discovered/seen the extra-game content? :slight_smile:

Not sure if I have… Give me a hint :slightly_smiling_face:

There was extra content? :slight_smile:

I finished the game… humour is often professional level, not amateurish. The characters are very good. Some of them are incredibly likeable. The puzzles are competent. Wow.
For the next one, I only want to have bigger text, to be able to make the window very small. And blur everything with reshade .

Incremental intentionally vague hints:

First hint: It’s something cited more than one time. The first time it is cited by Dooley (if I remember it correctly, it was in the episode “Tome Alone”).

Second hint: It’s related to one of the “secondary personal activities” of Dooley.

Third hint: It has something to do with Internet.

Let me know if you want me to be more explicit.

I predict that “The Darkside Detective” will win the 2017 Aggie Award for “Best Writing - Comedy”.

Previous years it was won by the following games.

2016: "King’s Quest"
2016 Readers’ Choice: “Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet”

2015: "Aviary Attorney"
2015 Readers’ Choice: “Broken Age”

2014: "Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse"
2014 Readers’ Choice: “Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure”

2013: "Goodbye Deponia"
2013 Readers’ Choice: “Goodbye Deponia”

All these games had “comedy” but not necessarily “humor”. I would say that those that focused on humor and jokes were only “Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet”, “Aviary Attorney” and “Goodbye Deponia”. (but I don’t know very well “King’s Quest”)

Really? I didn’t like that parody very much. It was too annoying to me.

Perfect, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Good news for the fans of Darkside Detective: the authors are already working on a new game. :slight_smile:


A small teaser…