The Darkside Detective

I could life with an arrangement, where small indies introduce people to adventures, whilst more established developers focus on the real thing.

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I really don’t know if I should buy it. It’s in my wishlist, I loved the demo and the humor and I’m absolutely sure that I’ll enjoy this game deeply.

Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have much time to play adventure games and the backlog of games to play is alarmingly increasing.

I’m tempted to buy it taking advantage of the discount, but I’m not sure. :thinking:

Ditto. I’m stockpiling and not actually playing much.

The structure of Darkside Detective is quite handy in that respect though - it’s split into little case files that are each quite quick to complete. Bitesize adventure gaming, instead of getting deep into a multilayered story.

You are right, I didn’t think about the “episodic” nature of the game. That would provide a more “casual” experience instead of long sessions, which is exactly what I’m searching for right now.

I’ve just purchased it, I hope to play it during the weekend. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: let us know what you think.

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I’m playing it right now but I can’t progress because I’m too busy laughing. :joy:

I have no idea how the whole experience will be but the writing and the jokes have already made me a fan of it.

Haha, I’m glad you’re enjoying the humour :slightly_smiling_face:

I really liked the lighthearted nature of it - both in terms of the comedy and the gameplay. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s a nice, casual game to play.

Look forward to seeing what you think of it overall.

I would have bought this game if I hadn’t seen the youtube let’s play. I had a look at youtube first, only 10 minutes, and I didn’t like it (mostly the pixels are too big for my tastes). But since you guys say it’s funny, I’ll reconsider. (well, after I’ve played Gateway remake).

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I´m member of the club now (hohohhoho “member” hehehehehehe “club”) I´ll get back to you guys with what I think within the next days.

I for mysekf, can recomend it. The very big pixels and the fact that you don´t have to walk around in each room, were a bit suprising and unfamiliar to me, but after playing the first two cases I reall liked it. Makes a nice mood, I like the music and especially the menu style :slight_smile:

I need to thank you @RonGilbert, I only found it because of your tweet, too. I liked the pictures and description I saw and it came on the wishlist after a realy quick look. I did not play the demo or look any video of it. I bought it immediately after the release and didn´t regret it.


Just did the first case and enjoying the humour a lot. Maybe even more than [REDACTED].

Just finished the second case. Yep, good fun.

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I suggest to talk to Dooley every time you enter a new room and every time something changes in a room. Most of the best jokes come from him.


I love Dooley, he´s one of the funniest characters I´ve ever seen in anything!

The chapter I’ve just played cites sewer alligators and cryptozoologist. Terrible Toybox should sue them for the total rip-off. :neutral_face:

Just finished the game, really loved that last chapter (it felt almost as long as the other 5 combined).

They got common inspirations that´s all.

I will get back to it later, since I´m missing half of the achievements. :open_mouth:

I have just finished “The Darkside Detective” and I have enjoyed it a lot, especially the humor, which I consider being top-notch.

(“finished” is not completely correct because I haven’t technically played the first chapter of the game, given that I already played it in the demo of the game. But, overall, I played all the chapters.)

I never ever laughed so hard with any other recent adventure game. I love dry/deadpan humor, “The Darkside Detective” has a lot of it and its quality is quite high. Almost every sentence coming from Dooley or from the Bloodwolf kids is pure gold.

There is also a small extra-game content to explore, but telling explicitly what it is might be a spoiler, so I’ll just suggest you to pay attention to any Internet-related information in the game.

@PiecesOfKate : Thanks for pointing out that the chapter-based structure of the game would have made it a more casual experience; it has been the key factor that has motivated me to buy and play it. :slight_smile:

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And now…

Maniac Mansion!

Come on… it’s THE game where everything has started…

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Hooray :slightly_smiling_face: I’m glad you enjoyed it. I loved the dry humour and that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’ll have to check out that extra content.

Are you sure the first chapter is the same as the demo? Maybe I played a different demo (one with the black hole where you have to reach stuff).

You’ve reminded me that I still need to finish that. How I’ve avoided spoilers is something short of a miracle.

At the end, the hamster dies.
Whooops, sorry for the unwanted spoiler…