The demise of LucasArts

It is indeed. :slight_smile: (But MI4 and Grim are the only two games based on GrimE. AFAIK they haven’t developed more games with it.)

Honestly, I hardly regret this fact. Maybe there are some people who prefer the GrimE games, but I think that SCUMM was a much better engine. However, my favourites are 2D.


Agreed, 2D is better. I hate 3D and I hated it from the start. To me, the arrival of 3D killed videogames. I pretty much stopped playing videogames once it became a pissing contest of who would put the most polygons.
That’s because 3D is a fraud. It’s not real 3D. It’s still on a flat screen therefore it’s still 2D. What we call 3D is actually bad 2D. Screens are flat, deal with it. Until we have holograms as screens, there will be no such things as 3D.
Okay maybe I’m being a bit extreme here but I guess you can see my point. And okay, I admit it, I was amazed when Final Fantasy 7 spread his 3D on my screen. But it was exceptionally good. For the most, 3D killed the charm of videogames and it’s not even surprising the tide went backwards a decade or so later.
Anyway, fascinating article, always good to learn about the inside of the industry - and to be honest I expected Lucas to get more trash in this article, it seems he was mostly honest if not aware enough of realities in the world of videogames, and his awesome aphorism to Ron (be the best, stay small, don’t lose money) pretty much redeems him. That’s actually a good piece of advice.