The "don't tell me it's monday again!" thread

Do you hate mondays?

  • No!
  • Yes!
  • They are a very nice family.

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I used to, but now I (usually) work from home on that day it’s much nicer.

Tuesdays are my new Mondays. I hate Tuesdays.


But aren’t then Tuesdays less “scary” (because you have already started working on Monday)? And/or don’t you like/love your work?

It definitely helps to ease back in, yeah, but I still don’t like getting up early :wink:

I do indeed love my job, and my colleagues are the best – so it’s nothing to do with that, just the early start and knowing it’s only the beginning of the week.

Fridays are my favourites (surprisingly), plus we do the Friday quiz and the Guardian crossword. And sometimes we eat cheese.


What I hate the most is sunday evening.


Mmmm :yum:

Our cafeteria downstairs offers a different kind of scone every day, but it’s become a tradiiton to get scones on Fridays.

Mondays are ok, as I usually feel quite wide awake. My least favourite day is Tuesday.


Why? :slight_smile: Just a bad feeling?

Because I’m not feeling fresh any more when Tuesday arrives, and then I realise just how long it is until the end of the week.


Well, they’re fine if you’re waiting for the football highlights.

And another weekend is almost over,
Going away with the goals on TV.
So we’ll wait for another weekend,
convinced that it’s going to be the best weekend ever.


I used to hate Sundays, especially as a kid:

  • nothing would be open, and there’d be nothing to do (plus I’m an only child – tiny violin)
  • we always had dinner at 3pm on Sundays (some silly tradition common in my parents’ generation – my mum still does it)
  • dinner would always be a roast, which at the time I hated (or maybe I hated it because I associated it with Sunday?)
  • after dinner my grandad and dad would fall asleep, and my mum would tidy, and I’d be grumpy about going back to school on Monday

I much prefer Sundays as an adult. Gym, a nice lunch, maybe a walk, some gaming and dinner at a sensible, evening hour!


That’s exactly what I had written in a few minutes with the exception that I still hate Sundays. :slight_smile: (And even more than in my childhood.) And you wrote already some of the reasons: Nothing is happening, the TV program is crap, I’m sitting alone in my flat, etc. That’s why I often work on Sundays. All other days aren’t that “depressive”, so I don’t hate Mondays. :slight_smile:


Most of my days are pretty similar, but Mondays are sometimes good because things start happening again…

Often if I’m doing research or need to interview someone to get more info or at least get the ball rolling on something, it’s then annoying when Saturday and Sunday come around because everything suddenly stops and I have to wait for Monday for anyone to reply to anything.

I bet @ZakPhoenixMcKracken will like that! :wink:



“… e sta per finire un altro weekend…
… se ne va coi gol in tele il weekend…
… così poi aspetteremo il weekend…
… convinti che sarà il più bello dei weekend!”

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When I was younger I never understood the meaning of that song.

Now it hits so close to home it hurts.

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So you don’t like weekends (that much)? :slight_smile:

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But yeah, I don’t really do anything special on weekends and they often just interrupt the flow…

Same here, though in my case there’s a steady decline throughout the week. Tuesday is still fairly good, and by Thursday the weekend is drawing nearer, so the worst day must be Wednesday.

Sundays are the best. It’s the only day without any obligations. Saturday we usually go shopping and catch up on the household. On Sundays we’ll have the best food for lunch, and do as we please, either staying home or going out to see some sights. It’s like a one day vacation, and direly needed to refuel for the coming week.


Why hate Mondays? Hate ALL the days!

Well, the working days. I wouldn’t hate any day if I could spend them on vacation or playing games or writing games.