The official jogging thread

Well, this is not the official gym thread, so I have nothing to say.

VR is the most sport I have at the moment. And unfortunatly you can´t use your legs there, yet.

I’ve been gym-ing it instead, but not as often :neutral_face:

I’m cycling. :slight_smile:

Hm… should I create one?

Can´t you just do a sports thread or something? I don´t see why we should have a jogging thread, a running thread, a cyling thread and a phantom thread.

[x] Done: The official sport thread

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I’m still running according to schedule too! Except for last week, as I was sick.
Weird how being sick let’s you lose 3/4 of all those few extra pounds you wanted to lose in three days while running for months did absolutely nothing.

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So, it was a strange month. I basically skipped two non-consecutive weeks for injury and illness and there was Easter in the middle (where I put on like 3 kilos in 3 days). Today I could finally run again.

The GPS on my phone is dying, so I decided to run on a closed 1.5 course and use my phone’s stopwatch for every lap. It was the first time in forever that I ran without feedback, but it went way better than expected. I closed 4 laps, 6km, in 29:18 - my 6K record. On Wednesday I’ll try to get back to 8K and Friday 10K. I want to get back to 30 km/week as soon as possible.

On a separate note, yesterday I got a proposal for a relay run in Zurich. It takes place every year in May and seven years ago I ran it with my University group, it was my first run. The very same team is lacking a runner, on the very same stage I ran seven years ago. Nostalgia is strong with this one. I’m not sure I’ll accept, but it’s tempting.

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Good luck with that, old me! I feel extremely tired. Maybe the lack of feedback is making me start faster than needed, but on Monday and today I could run only 5.5 and 5.7 kms. And I wanted to run 10 on both days.

I think I’ll take a break, skip Friday, and then I’ll see if next Monday I’m fine.

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Isn’t the best strategy to run one day, pause one day, run one day, pause one day, etc.?

Run a Jupiter day* then pause a Venus day!

*though that is still awfully long for one session at a time!

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It is, and that’s what I do, but I think I’m needing more than one day of rest.

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Nobody recognised it… (except my kids of course)


Say you did the Scumm Bar theme, please! :laughing:

I’m going in a month. I’m thinking of buying some kind of MI-themed t-shirt before going there :smiley:

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Oh, yes! Both the scumm bar and the main theme!
Really, no-one paid any attention. Except my son, who said “yeah, I know. But I am much further than that in the game”

Another thing I have noticed is that the scumm bar theme is easier to remember than the main theme.


Going out now for my 3rd 5km this week

Just saying…


Think about our other thread! Post there constantly what you are seeing during your run:

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I’m currently on hiatus. I might be going for a jog today, but I think I’ll just wait until I come back from my Disneyland vacation to start again. I miss running so much :frowning:

Can’t you run to Disneyland?