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Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you use any tracking apps like Runtastic?

If so, mind if I add you as a friend?


I don’t use a running app - I’m not sure I’d gain much from it to be honest. I’d probably get fed up with it nagging me to run :wink:


How would that work across different countries?


I did my 5k today, but so slooow (33’ or so). It was almost freezing here, so I couldn’t get warmed up well enough to pick up the pace. And now my knees hurt on top of that (but that’s pbly just thanks to the holiday overweight)


I understand :stuck_out_tongue: but the vocal feedback helps me in keeping a constant pace, and track my progresses.

By the way, tomorrow will be my first day at the new job. And since I usually run in the lunch break (due to lack of time otherwise), I hope I can start again this week! :smiley:


Runtastic just shows you when someone you know is jogging, his/her times and compares your distances, like “this week you ran more than all your friends” or so.

I only have a couple of friends who use it regularly, just some old friends from Italy + an unknown man in Japan whom I have no idea who he is and I can’t remember why I added him.


Oh motivation by competition, I see…

That´s…I…I don´t even have a movie reference for that but if I had I bet it would be hilarious.


Well done. That’s not a bad speed :slightly_smiling_face:

My knees are always the first thing to break, too. I have to make sure I bend and stretch them about beforehand and even then they still hurt!

Yeah I can see that would help if running on your own.

Maybe you added him to help get you out of this virtual reality dimension, then the owner of the machine realised what you were doing and erased your memory.

But it’s probably not that.


I had similar problems all 2016 along, to the point I had to quit running.
That was strange, because I run for two-three times a week for a couple of years (between 2011-2014) and never had such a problem. I run for an hour at a good speed with two or three rushes at maximun speed to loosen muscular tension around the spine (very happy moment).
It was then that I decided to investigate and I found out basically four answers:

  1. The shock absorption of my shoes (a good pair of Adidas that fit my feet really well) was totally gone. It took a friend of mine to let me think of it because they looked and fitted still totally ok. So I bought a new pair and felt the difference in the short distance. (Don’t forget to investigate if you are a pronator or a supinator - or nothing and you could use any kind of shoes).
  2. The surface. I bored you about it before so I’ll just say that in those two years I used to run on the running track of the local stadium with surfaces in red clay and that was fantastic to run! (If you use to run on asphalt or solid pavage don’t forget to wear shoes with adequate absorbtion, and still…).
  3. I skipped my weekly routine of stretching (based on the fundamental contribution on muscular chains by Francoise Mezieres).
  4. I gained about five kg in weight.

It took some months to regain full health, now I’m quite ok, but I’m attending to hiking more.


Because you aren’t 50 yet?
But seriously: One reason I decided to do more sport was because of Ron telling us he’s taking boxing lessons etc.!

Sport cars are built to do exactly this! BUT you are also supposed to maintain them and regularly replace all kind of stuff, even rebuild the engine etc.

We are working on this for the human body too (artificial organs and joints etc.), eventually we will get there…

And we learnt to walk. And run. Then we (or Thog) developed the wheel and everything got much better! (Yep, I prefer such transportation over per pedes)


If fat burning is the goal maybe doing something else instead which stresses the knees less is better? (or doing this + less running)
Like cycling, swimming, Nordic walking, elliptical/cross trainer.

Can you explain this more? Did you stop stretching and this is now better for you?


Only you can do that!


:unamused: (picture the queen)


I do!



I’d prefer Death by Snu-Snu. It even counts as workout too!

Hm, this one seems more like a regular look of her.


Would you believe that she actually looked like this? Yeah, me neither…


And this is the other guy (mind the details)


I’m not trying to lose weight – just keep fit and healthy. My weight never really fluctuates, and as a result I tend to overindulge or get lazy, but I’m sure that’ll catch up with me one day :laughing:

I do like swimming though – and it’s non-impact – so I should try and get back into that regardless.


You’re right, I was not at my best in explaining.
No. it’s the opposite.

my chats with a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician (Physiatrist) let me understand that human beings are so designed to be upright that when our muscular tone (basically all the muscles around the spine that allow us to mantain the three curves of spine that we use to counterbalance gravity in upright position) are not strong and fit, we start to suffer and modify our posture, until we modify our muscular-scheletal equilibrium to the point that our body gives us messages of pain. As soon as we get back in shape, we lose pain and suffering.

That’s also my story. I was a lazy kid that started late to do sports and physical activity, and soon suffered from back pain. In my journey to get rid of that (an important contribute were also some years of swimming) I met this Physiatrist, and he explained those things, and prescribed me a Back School workout, which is based on Francoise Mezieres’ contributions on muscular chains. You have to read some of her writings, they’re very interesting and clever (basically you cannot work on stretching only one muscle because body works as a whole and tends that way to stretch a muscle and shorten the following one of the same muscular chain. You have to work letting all the muscular chain stretch, for example if you stretch only your back muscles than you could shorten your leg muscles resulting in problems in knees and so on. It’s a work that restores body from modifications that sediment during all the hours of our sedentary life.)
So around 2010 I did those exercises with the supervision of a specialized physioterapist and regained a good muscular extension and equilibrium. In the years that followed I continued to do the exercises I learned, and began to run, with great results and no pain (on “soft” surfaces like earth or red clay when outdoor as suggested).
When I stopped doing such exercises and returned to run in 2016 I suffered from my knees (also for the other reasons I explained).