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Just don’t forget to change direction before the pool ends.

OK. Thanks for the explanation. I try to do regular stretching but who knows if I do it properly. I should read some of this stuff you’ve mentioned.


By the way, tomorrow I’ll bring my jogging clothes / shoes at work and I’ll try to do a 5k in the break. I’m not sure I’ll manage, since I’ll be in the middle of a training workshop (the first days in a new job are always like this) but if I HAVE to try.


Good luck! And with the new job :four_leaf_clover:


Don’t you sweat? Do you have a shower at work?


I don’t sweat that much, and I usually wash myself in the sink, for the rest of the working day is enough, then I shower at home. I know, it’s not that… good, but it works. I mean, if my wife never told me “you stink” when I come back home, it means that I really don’t stink* :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, no jogging today. I had a training all day which included lunch, so I brought my stuff for nothing. Tomorrow it’s going to rain, but I’m going anyway. No more excuses! :muscle:

* after a couple of months of dating, she told me “you know, I’m happy you don’t stink”. I was like “what kind of men did you date before me?!?”


Or it means she loves you enough that she´s willing to put up with your vile stench. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


While I’m pretty sure my wife loves me, I also know how she reacts when I eat onions or whenever I take off my shoes. So I can safely assume I don’t stink after a run :laughing:


Not so sure about these guys…


I’ve been jogging/running since 2002. I originally started during my time at the university as basic stress relief. But ever since crossing the fateful 30, I basically run because I can keep up the horrific malnutrition without getting fat.

It’s a battle each and every time, and I don’t like running in principle. The perks are that I can think through certain things, think outside the box and be(come) creative while on the track. I don’t have a “runner’s high” by definition, but I feel pretty great when I come home exhausted after running.


But why have you chosen running and not, for example, swimming?


It’s undeniable that running is easier, both in terms of capability (everybody can run, swimming takes time to learn) and availability (put on shoes, that’s it - you need water to swim).

So… I ran my 5k today, finally :slight_smile: 25’04’’, which is better than I expected since I ate a hamburger and half a pizza for dinner yesterday. Which shows that I also run for the same reason as @Vainamoinen :stuck_out_tongue: eating like *beep* after 30.


It took me the better part of a YEAR to start running. I just wasn’t capable enough. I didn’t get anywhere, couldn’t run more than two or three MINUTES when I started out. So, yeah, I don’t agree with Guga, it’s not ‘easy’, and not everyone can run, not everybody is bathed in success experiences starting out. That… wasn’t the reason.

Swimming is a simply wonderful endurance training. Some would say ideal. Swimming gets basically all the muscle groups into shape. Unlike running, swimming doesn’t put massive stress on individual body parts - like the leg joints. I love swimming.

In theory.

In reality, I’d need over half an hour to get to the next pool that’s large enough. In reality, I hate exposing my body like that. In reality, I’d leave quite a bit of money at that local pool.

My running track is in front of my door, four minutes by foot. :wink:

… I evidently never ran for speed in nigh 16 years. But my place of work will participate in a local 5k, which would be my first run in a group, ever. And 5k in 25 minutes… that sounds like a goal I could set for me this year. SET. Not necessarily REACH. :rofl:


Well, that’s the same for me and swimming. I tried, and I could never breathe right, after a couple of minutes I was burnt out and had to stop. What I meant is just from a technical side: you still need to learn to run right, but: tell someone to run, he will run. Throw someone who never swam into water, you might face jail time.


Or worse…


You always have a GIF for everything, don’t you?


I have associations in my mind and am always amazed that there´s always people who made the exact gif I was thinking of. :slight_smile:

Except Stan Laurels dumbfounded look (where he suddenly changes from nodding smilingly to looking confused into the camera) Don Adams used to do that, too. I could never find that for some reason. There´s been many occasions where that could have come in handy…


Yep, I jog. Not awfully good at it, though. Started in high school on the cross-country team, when I literally would come in dead last in every event; not sure why that didn’t put me off it for all time. Stopped for the most part during college partly due to an unwillingness to make use of the school’s facilities (plus, you know, studying). I took it up again afterward, but I ended up overtraining for an event and messing up my ankle, so I limit myself to 5Ks now. I’m currently trying to get back up to speed at the gym with a mixture of elliptical and treadmill; I refuse to do outdoor running unless it’s an event because of the usual concerns like traffic, weather, etc.


Bullshit. Watch a pro:


Now that was disturbingly close to my Frankenstein one…


For those who find it hard to start, I can only confirm what others have said w/r to starting slowly. I also used one of those ‘walk-to-run’ schedules ( and that worked really well.
After running regularly for a while a joined a local running group and that was also fun and helped to keep going.
Lately I have found it hard to go regularly for a run (I have moved away from where the running group was). To help motivate me I set up a running group on As the organizer I know have extra motivation to go at the scheduled times.