The official language thread

Yes, go ahead! :slight_smile: It’s easy to recall the old message you are replying to with a click on the arrow.

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Eeheheh… it seems you know the italian meaning of that :blush:

In Finnish it’s also an elephant. “Norsu posliinikaupassa”. For reasons I don’t know, we have two words for elephant: norsu and elefantti.

Yep :smile:

“Fox in the hen house” (“kettu kanalassa” in Finnish) is the one I know. Someone with bad intentions.

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Check this out, then

So you also have that joke in Finnish, where one fish says Hi! to the other fish and the other fish goes “Where?!?”

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No, but that’s funny :smile:

We have that in german, too.

We also have Halloween as a form to greet the city of vienna as a collective.

So it’s actually whoring thinking?

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They were also playing on that with an ad for some aquarium somewhere in the basic vicinity of Belgium and the Netherlands. It looked a little something like this:

(drat, I think I’m out of practice making quick sketches on the drawing tablet)


Also in Finding Nemo, you see Marlin and Dory when Bruce menacingly appears behind them and just says “Hi!”
(In the Flemish version at least)

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I’ve only seen it in English. I would imagine the joke is the same in the Dutch and the other Dutch version.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was on a german TV show once and the host said to him he understood that every german sounds to non german speakers like:


Me and some of my friends have been saying that ever since. :joy:


I tried this tool with the following paragraph:

Have you wondered if a particular person likes pie? Well, now you can find out, with my state-of-the-art Pie Like-or-Not Detector. Simply present the question to your chosen individual, “do you like pie?” And their reaction shall be decoded by the machine and presented in very simple terms: “of course I like pie, because everyone does”.

My favourite result was with Gibberish Level 4:

Have yourse I like-or-Not Detector. Simple terms: “of cour chosen individual, “do you like pie?” And out, with my simply present the question to you wondered in veryone and out, with my state-of-the question shall be does”. Have you wondered if a part Pie Likes pie?" And their reaction shall be decoded ind out, with my state-of-the machine and out, with my state-or-Not Detector. Simply presen individual, "do you wondered if a particular person shall because I like pie? Well, "do you likes pie, beca

And here’s a small segment of what was made from Level 3 :sweat_smile:

Well becto you withe derms: “of chin their reactor-Not Pie?” Andery simply simple my simple do yon like-of a pres par cause a partiondividual, bector-Not Pie?


More often than I am able to make any sense out of it I find myself saying “Shizzle ma dizzle!” instead of “Shit!” I have no idea why that is. It´s not like am listening to much Snoop Dog at all!

Well, I guess we can all agree that proper use of ones language is a thing none of us should take for granite.

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Haha :smile: I was thinking that episode was a bit weak, but that bit made me laugh.

I knew it would. :grin:

But didn´t the mindblowers kinda remind you of trontubes,though?

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Holy crap, yes!

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