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I meant that particular bit about deciding what to wear as a joke, because I’m so indecisive :wink:

I’m not sure what you mean with the Goosebumps comparison, though?

I don’t think any of us were really bothered - it was just the norm. I don’t think the notion of not wearing a uniform really occurred to us - you went to school, you wore a school uniform.

Apart from the odd ‘own clothes day’ (my mum found that label hilarious - “but 'oo else’s clothes you gonna wear?! Hahahaha”)


Why would I want to put my old mail into new clothes? :older_man:


To find things faster?




You would’ve been thrown out of our (all girls’) school immediately.


Of course I would have shaved first!

:bearded_person: :point_right: :man: :point_right: :woman:


Sounds like an actual safety hazard to me!

Are you really sure about that? :wink:

Which underlines the absurdity of uniforms: only students have to wear them.

We too! Although the teachers all shared the same first name : “Sir” or “Madam”
Seriously, we were not even allowed to know the first names of teachers. Not even in primary school (I remember asking my teacher once and he answered evasively by saying I had an (over-)inquiring mind - didn’t stop me of finding out anyway. Ha!) At secondary/high school, the teachers were simply referred to by their nicknames usually. Some of the teachers even used those nicknames. And they addressed us by our last names. No uniforms though.

What is a trainer? No, really… I assume you’re not talking about what we call a trainer (sweat pants), 'cause I can imagine no kid wants to be caught dead or alive wearing one of those to school.

So what happens then is you’ll have all these uniform kids who have different smartphones…
Same thing. And the one with the most expensive smartphone/highest income isn’t necessarily the coolest. Or the best friend. The issue is that it takes teens different amounts of time to realise that. And some never do, unfortunately. “Hey look, I have a bigger car… bigger house…” Yeah, so f**** what.

That’s another thing, which was changed by law in the 90s around here: no more separate boys and girls schools. But still to this day, it is apparent what the history of each “highly acclaimed” school is.
The nuns might be gone, but their spirits still haunt the hallways. :ghost:


Oh yeah, my favourite was “Doc H”. Would have been a brilliant name for a drug dealer.

A Sport Shoe. Bone up on your british my lad! :face_with_monocle:

We still have a Mary Ward school here. My grandma and my aunt went there and now my cousin´s wife is a teacher there and she isn´t even christian (or a nun obviously), but they were desperate enough to accept her.


Now why would you want to wear those (outside of gym class)? Oh, wrong crowd. :grin:
Anyway, at my school there were regulations on clothing, like “decent shoes - no sportshoes “


In my high school there was an overabundance of metalheads. Or, at least, way more than what one would have expected, especially in a city that was mostly full of… gawd, what’s the translation for truzzo? By the way, there were no dress codes, not even in elementary school except for the blue smocks like the ones @Gffp showed earlier. And despite the fact that I never cared about fashion or that I was part of the metalheads group without ever owning a metal shirt/sweater or growing my hair, I never felt or saw discrimination over my / others’ clothes.

I mean, I was the only kid with a Sega Game Gear instead of a Nintendo Game Boy, that was discriminating. But only because I couldn’t exchange games with the others.


Look like posers to me.


Truzzo = a rude individual who dresses in a flashy manner.


Isn’t a poser just someone that “poses” as something he isn’t? Like, you can be a metalhead poser, dressing in Metallica shirts but you never listened to anything and you just do it to look cool?


Correct! But I think it also applies to the “dressing in a flashy manner” that Zak refers to. Kids who consider themselves way cooler than they actually are because they just look ridiculous and seem to be trying too hard.

But I´m not sure what subculture those people on the picture subscribe to.


It depends on the fashion of that time. Every decade had its fashion “rules”.


Sure, obviously I don´t know what the 90s were like in italy, but I guess they weren´t that different across europe.


Trainers is British for sneakers. Presumably specifically Nike and Adidas.

Fair enough, but I’m reasonably sure I’ve heard it propped up as a serious remark before.

I mean that what the students want or think they want and what you as a teacher should give them are two different things.

You need to learn to ignore the idiots regardless. It seems to me that, best case scenario, if we presume school uniforms to actually have an effect against some specific forms of bullying/peer pressure, it’s still not really addressing the actual issue at all.

It occurs to me that the Turkish kids were all carrying their cellphones around like some kind of status symbol. (I thought of that mainly because these days you see some students with expensive iPhones that make me do a double take.)

The f?

I find that showing off how much money you have scenario more plausible on a school for “lower incomes” tbh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which proves metalheads are cool people (in general) despite their menacing looks.


Y3S, 4 R€AL! :slight_smile:

I think they were afraid it would make things too familiar. A certain distance between teacher and his pupils had to be maintained at all times. I guess they forgot to tell that to the paedophilic one(s).


On the other topic of this topic, my wife’s doing some Dutch on Memrise…