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The official outburst thread


Well, maybe tomorrow! :crossed_fingers:


btw: Every time this thread came up again (in the list of new posts), I thought it was about playing Outburst …


That´s because english is only your second language.


That’s because I like board games.


Sorry to hear that!
It’s probably way too early, but you might one day see the irony of it all (your job is editing out errors, iirc?).
If not… revenge!


We could also organise an award ceremony RIGHT HERE for @PiecesOfKate and this one she will definilty get! :trophy:

I mean, it´s the best we can do, right?


That is an excellent idea! Lemme just set the scene real quick.
* rolls out red carpet *


* set up the lectern *


For a split second I thought that said “eat up the lectern.”


I read “eat up the rectum” :flushed:


Guys. Please. Polish your glasses.


Right, we also should be fine dressed for the award ceremony!


Yes! Time to get ready. I let already the audience in:



Hear, hear!

Dear Forum Fellows´n´Chaps!

We ´ave come ´ere to honour a very special person in our middle, we can gladly call our dear friend.
She is awared today for her great contributions to excellency and all around goody-goodness.

I could not think of anyone here today more deserving of this special award than her, because everything she brought to us has made a big impact for many a few guys´n´gals around here.

It is my great pleasure and incomparable honour that I award this

For excellency and all around goody-goodness to our dear @piecesofkate !

Please accept this and maybe hold a speech or somethin´ :slight_smile:




My internet connection is not working :thinking:


But you are able to post here…? :exploding_head::thinking:


Yes… :thinking: