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The official outburst thread

  • Are you asleep, yet?
  • YESSS!!!


Facebook is down :thinking:


Instagram is down :thinking:

Someone wants me to go to bed…


No, no, no! I’m innocent! I swear!




Haha, aw you guys :blush:

*trips up the step, elbowing Tarantino in the head*

*taps mic* I’d like to thank the Thimbleweed Park forum, and in particular *points and squints* Milan, Tasse and Someone for making this happen. And of course my co-stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, director Ron Gilbert and producer David Fox. WhiteTwix Productions for believing in us, and Sam-Sam Studios for their unwavering support.


*falls down steps*


:joy: You are right, that is funny!


What about an after-show party? :partying_face::tada::balloon:


Sounds great! I’ll get Chet to organise one.


Are you sure you want to have @someone of all people at your party?

He´ll just show up and say



We’ll get him drunk and doing the macarena headbang in no time.


I’ve read that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:metal: :grin: :metal:


Oh hi Someone!

Quick, distract him.




Dammit now I’m distracted!



Well I spoke to my manager. She was a bit awkward about it (she was one of the ones who accepted the award) but at least apologised. She didn’t really have an answer to why it happened :woman_shrugging:

Of course I said it’s okay, my FRIENDS held a ceremony for me instead, and you should be so jealous because it was amazing and someone fell down the stairs and a man pooped and there were cats at the after party and everybody got infected with The Thing.


All that is left to do now is make sure that the person who was responsible gives you your well deserved award personally next time around when you actually do get it.


As it was customary for the anecdotes thread, I suggest we start the complaints with an emoji (:rage:, :angry:, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, :exploding_head:, whatever delivers best your feelings) and bold title.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Those damn Brazilians (and one from Michigan)

Ok, so it seems that Brazilians think my mail is theirs. I randomly get subscribed to websites, receiving confirmation mails in Portuguese.

I tried many times to find out who these people are, usually by confirming the subscription, asking for password recovery and then logging in to find out if they put in personal information.

I got subscribed to the Playstation Network (my subscription is still alive, since I couldn’t change my password because it wants my age to confirm my identity, and I can’t do anything because I have to phone call the Brazilian customer service which has incompatible working times for me, this is idiotic), Match dot com (this one time it was a guy from Michigan called Gus who had divorced recently, I had to use a VPN to be able to connect to the site and delete my account), Animal Jam (an online multiplayer game for children, it seems), a porn website and now Netflix.

This time on Netflix, since I don’t want to lose the chance to have a free month if I ever decide to subscribe with my mail, I did not confirm the registration and went to the customer service to have the subscription disabled, so I couldn’t gather more info.