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The official outburst thread


Great now I have cake on my buttocks.


Part 2 of the people messing with my trashcans saga.

Now it seems perfectly okay for them to throw THEIR bags of dogcrap into MY can.

Yeah, I´m putting it back inside the house again. :angry:


That’s rude of them. I’d totally lie in wait and give them a stern talking to, though that involves a lot of effort on your part.

Can you move it somewhere a bit more hidden (until bin day)?


I could move it into the house again. But no chance I ever find out who it was.


I guess if it’s a one-off you won’t. Annoying :rage:


Can’t you lock it with a locking lock?


At least they pick it up :slight_smile:. As a (former) dog owner, nothing irks me more than people that don’t clean up after their pets. I do not want to count the number of times I inadvertently stepped into a steaming pile of :poop: while walking with Schnuffel … the thought of it alone! :face_vomiting:


But look! It has this lovely eyes. And it’s laughing!


It’ll stop when you step on it.


Now throw YOUR bags of YOURCRAP into THEIR can.

Really, do it.


Isn’t it possible just to turn the mat upside down?


:flushed: I had a frightening image…

Guga is crapping in a plastic bad…
Daughter opens the door and discovers him.
“But… Dad… What are you doing crouching there?!”
*Guga chuckles evily… *


No, because it´s kind of a divan bed where it is all one piece, so I couldn´t also just replace the matress. I´d eventually have to buy a new bed.

I had this for almost ten years, so it´s okay. I guess.


I bought an abandoned house next door to ours to fix up then someone broke in and burned it down. #detroitproblems :rage::cold_sweat:


Wondering what people don’t talk about… good chance of never knowing.


For real?? :cold_sweat:


Sounds bad!


What!?! What the hell ! I hope you have some sort of homeowners insurance.




Unfortunately not. A policy for an unoccupied structure in Dettoit is pretty steep, most insurers won’t even bother.