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The official outburst thread


What?! That kinda pushes the lines of embellishment.


I´m glad I read that before going to the theater actually since that might have spoilt the fun. Now I´m prepared.


Oh by the by, have you seen it now? I have:


I’ve got tickets for tomorrow night!!!


Then read my review later. Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks! It will be impossible for me not to nitpick the details, but at the very least it will be a couple hours with a great soundtrack!


It won´t even feel like nitpicking. :neutral_face:

That it certainly is!


Back to topic.

Stories like this make me angry.

Do you know anything about the Toronto Blessing @PiecesOfKate? (seems to have been a popular thing in religious english households in the 90s).


Nope, it’s not something I’m familiar with. I was raised Catholic but nothing that harmful. If anyone I knew followed it I wasn’t aware.


Being stuck in a shitty cycle of disappointment that sucks me in and spits me out each time. And I can’t talk about it, because it’s one of those things no one talks about. How any human being is meant to endure this is beyond me.

Clinging on to the positives, I had a lot of fun chatting on here yesterday and I think it’s actually put me on firmer ground for the bad news today. So thanks.


:hugs: Stay strong, Kay-kay! We love you!


Yeah! Don’t give up. We are here. :slight_smile:


In other news that may give you people a laugh maybe:

The spring in my bed broke and drilled a hole in my matress. When I lay in the wrong spot it must have ripped the pants of my pajamas and scratched my leg in my sleep and I didn´t even have to dream of Robert Englund in a rubber mask first. Gngghhghg. :grimacing:


Oh my goodness. Lucky that the spring was near your leg :grimacing:


The upper leg though, so it was bad enough! I need something to cover the broken part now (the matrass has caved in a little around the spot where the hole is) otherwise buying new PJ would probably not help for long. :expressionless:


Hm, yeah tricky. Maybe a bath sponge?


I think it would have to be a bit more stable than that. I´ll have a look for something today.


That’s really good to know!

Slaughter an old pillow! :t_rex:


Yeah I´m thinking of putting something on it that just fits the size but would be okay to damage on the downside.


If this was a Christmas-themed adventure game puzzle:

> Use Christmas cake with spring.
The hole is now filled but the spring is still wobbly. I don’t want to pierce my… leg… again.
> Use giant Santa belt with bed.
That’s held the cake in place!