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They have a zipper.

:thinking: Okaaaay… But you put a key in your shoe…?

The “wrist wallets” are also available in plushy or for the upper arm:

or these little things:

or these things:

Hm, I guess the arm one could be okay.

Can I get that one in the corner that has a parachute?

Yes, at Alibaba. They deliver with a drone from China and drop the wallet with that parachute over your house.

The drone zone above my house is getting busy!



Last week I went 3 times, each 30 minutes and ~6.5 km.
Seems like on/over “water” is faster than on “land” (I “run” 10 km in one hour on cross trainers).
But for now I wouldn’t be able to keep rowing at this speed for a whole hour but I’m working on it…

  • Another pro is that I can listen to podcasts without killing myself. I am really bad at concentrating on two different things at the same time.
    On elliptical trainers people even read books and watch movies.
  • For non-UK countries: You don’t have to care about sunscreen.

Btw. those machines also allow varying difficulty (speed/resistance, incline). You don’t get to see different scenery but you also won’t get killed by bears or berries.

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Yes! That too. I was halfway through my workout then thought, why am I not listening to a podcast? Then realised it’s because I’m used to that not being an option. I’d probably end up sprawled on someone’s lawn if I tried that outside.

Yeah, I quite like choosing a random or mixed terrain to make it more interesting/challenging.


Well, I would invite you for a cup of coffee or tea if you lie on my lawn. But I don’t think that listening to a podcast would be enough to get over my garden fence… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, I just went through an amusing scenario in my head where you discover me on your lawn and the first thing you say is ‘Oh hello. Fancy a cuppa?’


We´re germans, we´re like that. We´re not like those americans who load up their double barrels when some stranger turns up on their lawn.

Now I´m preparing for @yrface to rightly scold me for that…


The German response is probably quite similar to the British, I’d say. Except we wouldn’t want anyone to see.


As I’ve said before, I live on an island off the coast of America. :grimacing:

Those of us on the east & west coasts tend to have different views about guns than the middle of the country.

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It´s funny the americans I´ve talked to online are always like that. They hated Bush (now Trump) the brits I know are remain voters, the italians don´t love Berlusconi, the scandinavians aren´t Anders Breivik…

I dunno, to me personally the internet seems much better than it´s reputation…


Maybe you’re right… or perhaps the Xenophobes tend to stay in their own bubbles, and miss out on nice interactions with people from other countries like we have here.


Play Thimbleweed Park and stay fit:

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But that doesn´t make any sense captain! Life is no dream, that song is stupid!

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Ok, play Thimbleweed Park while your kids get a workout.

Whew, finally somebody got the reference, I was really worried there for a second (or three weeks as it turns out).


I’ve got a new record on the cross-trainer!
This is the step counter (yes, it’s the correct orientation):


I walk more from here to the fridge!

Wait no I don´t what was a lie, terribly sorry!